I Now Realize That The Reptilians Are Following Me Cause of A Deal Made In A Past Life

This collage that I put together is veey profound….

You can see her due to trauma and contracts I feel that “I” in the past life made with the reptilians is trapped behind a glass with a depressing backdrop of a gloomy sky while flanked by a reptilian who, due to being low vibratory, has it’s colours subdued while she has her foot in the river’s water leading to freedom….

What an inadvertent euphemism and I was subconsciously set to put this together….


Wow lol….


Check out the size of that ding a ling – pole, stick lol!

Thought that a fucking fisherman left that….

Anyways, I think I am gonna start offering services for removing etheric, astral reptilians off of people cause I am naturally very good at it (Peggy Kane once said it is impossible to get em off but I did) along with etheric attachments/implants and the removal of pain, healing services….


I think I finally figured out why them fools were harassing me…. it all started from a past life. Just watch the video. It is very interesting and I hope it helps others as they heal…..

Word of advice: when doing healing work, remember entities will attach to where the pain was so you are gonna have to remove them too like I did and it will make a world of difference. My sacral chakra became full and I was full of energy and vitality cause them assholes were draining me.

Also playing between 4000hz to 9000hz frequency helps substantially!

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