The Reptilian Demon Seed of Quetzalcoatl STRIKES AGAIN With Gaslighting

THIS was the simple minded child like glib “deflection” type style arguments I made the point of wetbucks throwing out when they are confronted:

– I mean, look at this demonic Lisa Simpson he got up here (which is consistent with their cult of death based on reptilian cult-ure which I talk about below)…..

LOL I broke all that down here:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

BTW I AM HAPPY that more folks are awakening to these hostile reptilian demon seed’s true nature:

– Peep while trying to bullshit “rally” me into hating whites this reptilian demon seed of Quetzalcoatl will NOT ONCE address the CURRENT AND ON GOING WAVES AND ACTS OF GENOCIDAL VIOLENCE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN COMMITTING AGAINST BLACKS IN OUR OWN COMMUNITIES and when called out like in this video….

here is how those thangz respond…..

– I don’t argue with them because I know what they are. I have no illusions about their true nature. They are demonic, vile, cruel and e-vile and the whole point of these vlogs and blogs is to expose it so us humans can unite against them. As I overheard a spic and cspan in a black truck last night say – he hates what I write ?? ….cause he knows it’s true! People couldn’t articulate for a long time what is up with these reptilian demon seeds but I came along and brushed the sheets off, turned em back and exposed what folks all along knew to exist.

Look at what they do to a homeless white man:

– Pure fucking e-vile how those reptilian demon seeds did him!

That’s why I don’t recant shit and speak no lies when I speak on these demons….

And just like reptilians they hate to be exposed….

Talking about hate on whites but I – and many other blacks been done TERRIBLE, atrociously evil, cruel sadistic acts by them and meanwhile THEY WANT TO BE WHITE cause their reptilian demonlord/creator Quetzalcoatl shapeshifted into one….

– Nah moron! That was a reptilian who SHAPESHIFTED into a white man, much like they do now!

They are not like us. They are of a reptilian bloodline. That along should be a testament to why we can never get along with these demonic reptilian seeds of Quetzalcoatl. It is against our best interests, humanity’s best interest to do so. Their allegiance is to the reptilians hence why they have a major cult of death worship cult-ure:

– Juss like they reptilian zaddy Quetzalcoatl:

This is not by coincidence, it is by design and inherent in their very nature.

I am not concerned with seeking their acceptance or approval but with getting the truth out to the humans – blacks and whites so they will understand the brown scourage they are up against ?


To go to show how much these wetbacks hate us, peep how nice they are to this white lady telling a spic and cspan to speak English:

Meanwhile they picking on a black lady for not speaking Spanish in an English speaking country….

I am telling you about these reptilian ass demons for a reason….

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