I Am Under A Freemason Curse

It makes perfect sense hence why I can’t heal my throat chakra though I have been desperately, DESPERATELY trying….


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I now realise that the alcohol urges were cries for help due to my throat chakra being blocked (I damn near made major headway last night and nearly unblocked it but something internally “pulled it back in” and allowed it to remain blocked).

That being said, now I see why I keep seeing triangles….

– You can even see a demonic finger there which I sense belongs to this entity here who took over my body once and possessed me to remove a pic I took of it’s “hands” a long time ago when I lived in Worcester, MASS


This ain’t coincidence. It reminds me of the Eye of Ra that appeared on Aarona’s calf here:

It means we are under a curse.

That’s why I keep revisiting and talking about that time in high school where the chemistry/biology teacher, Ms. Preston, told me to “Drop the English accent.” That was a spell. A curse.

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

It’s enough to make me hate black bitches for what this black bitch did. That’s why I can’t get behind that whole boom chaka lacka back to Ape-rica bullshit. Fucking niggers always trying to own people’s identities, telling you what to think and be like, like this black bitch telling me to do an African aka Ape-rican accent and to like niggers, black males. Fuck you ?? That’s why I speak my truth, unfeathered, now and don’t let people tell me what to think, how to feel. Fucking nigger ass mayate bitch. Yeah, I’ve endured shit with wetbacks but nigger bitches have hit me the hardest. That’s why I’m a fan of Tommy Sotomayor:

He speaks no lies on the black ass nigger bitch!

I’ve been doing ALOT of healing thanks to a WHITE FEMALE SHAMAN, NOT a nigger ape ass BITCH (the vast majority of black female spiritual workers have done nothing but attack me and put curses on me out of envy), NOT NO NIGGER ASS APE “ancestors” (one, a light skinned BLACK ASS BITCH, was attacking me. This is why I sincerely HATE nigger bitches and am quick to ‘woke they ass. Peep here all I ‘woke are black ass bitches….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I mean, to put a curse on a fucking child – only a selfish ass nigger bitch would that. I hate black women with a fucking passion!

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