The ‘Wokeing of An Illegal Immigrant With IPS Security Telling Me He Doesn’t Want Me Around

My fav picture taken dat day:

He alright, for now, like this mofo here was:

Anyways, yesterday – I wonder if the above incident had anything to do with why he was there, he started telling me I couldn’t park where I park and that I had to go.

Here the confrontation:


– You can also witness me putting ‘woke on his azz too and him chilling down.

I gotta learn to control diss ‘woke. I also take out the curse laden-absorbed coconuts (they are good for absorbing negative energy as a Cuban shaman once taught me – ole boy can use this to lift my curse off) and replacing em with healthy ones – all while he still getting mofos, lol!


This site here touches on it:

The last one it mentions regarding the curse being so intense that the coconut would not break used to happen to me:

If the distressing energy is very powerful, then the coconut gets flung and cannot be found. Thus one can judge the amount of distressing energy absorbed by the coconut.

Here I talk about spiritual coding/imprints/suggestions after ‘wokeing somebody:

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Speaking of which – I peep when I rid myself of ancestral ties – my voice made an inexplicable “echo”. I don’t know if ya’ll can hear it:


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Anyways, aside from that – when I went to the Bank of America yesterday after losing my debit card – why they close an essential ATM to where, let’s say if a crowd comes in, greatly lessens the time a person can get they shit thus making it “unsafe”, lol:

I’m wearing a fucking shirt for a mask, lol!

You know, I had an ephiphany yesterday:

When Beelzebub would appear as a New Mexico state cop, THESE GUYS are the reason why (they would – like Beelzebub posed) watch out for me like when I got stabbed in the neck.

Shame the shadow government got folks doin’ this shit!

Anyways, it’s nice to have them around:


Anywayz, I took some beauty-FULL pics of Malibu (It’s a mad majestic place) – including myself. Enjoy

My fav:

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