Wetbuck Gets Chased Out By Lost Hills Sheriffs While Looking For Cars To Break Into

They chased that wetbuck back to messy-co ????? lol

They had flashlights aka fleshlights and eerythang


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Them jokers weren’t playing around.

I saw this bitch canvassing cars early on in the night with him – in one instance – staring intently at this white brand new suv I think a homeless woman lives out of across the street.

I didn’t say anything cause I thought it might of been his suv tho my intuition – and his body language – conveyed otherwise.

That being said, later in the night I heard a CHP officer yell “Move” and then before then – funny I heard a female and male voice – ask “What are you all doing.” Cause I overheard the male and female earlier shout “leave” towards me (it’s common shyte pee-pole thinking they can run me out) I yelled “Ha ha” like the bully Nelson from The Simpsons:

…when the cop was telling them to get the fuck and then I heard him say “I wanna talk to you” in a playful goofy ass manner (he seemed goofy) to the guy or lady I presume. I would make a good witness huh?

Anyways, that’s when I heard the Lost Hills Sheriffs tell him to “leave” and he was yelling Santa Muerte and I said I would get Baron Samedi – the voodoo loa of death – on his ass:

She a sad rip off of the real thang (Santa Muerte is…. the rip off ??)

That’s when he went silencio and slid his thieving – I can’t stand a thief – build a wall ass down to the pch and when I got there…. just watch the tape ??

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