Running and Wokeing Blonde White Albino Saying He Rich While Living In Vans Up The Street


This mofo thought I was playing…. ::I JUST REALISED SOMETHING – IT’S THE SAME FUCKING VAN ??‍♀️::


The significance of it is he went from LIVING in this luxurious van hea:

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To living in the hand me down pos in the first vid!

This all started cause his ass wanted to stare at me from across the street (I saw his head looking), and you know me, The ‘Wokemaster, wasn’t having it:

That being said, I ‘woked ole boy!

I also ‘woked diss wetbuck for being a wetbuck too:


But that’s a story for another time….

That being said, he thought I was a joke, something to be toy’ed with (like I’m a sex toy) but my ‘woke caused him to lose his FORMER HOME and end up with this shit, acting like he ain’t living in his vehicle. Bitch, fuck on….

To hell….

– Imma talk about how I “blessed” ole wicked satanic Malibu with my forest fires I caused via ‘woke next!

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