CHP Officer Haver Tells Me They Just Want The RVs OUT

I see the interracial fockers™/ baby stealers (as my friend saw via Third ? Eye vision ??) done returned:


Eye ? also Sea ??? the writing on the wall:


They want you mugs OUT like this article states:

….And I agree ??

You know what pisses me off, I was one of the very few people (the other a poor lil ole REALLY delusional schizo) going to those meetings and yet these assholes around here STILL DUMP ALL THEIR PROBLEMS ON ME cause I am topless (and black):

I was sooo good (namely cause I had experience filing a lawsuit – on my own – against the LAPD for topless rights) that they refused to let me proceed even further with the appeals process by lying to me, saying I would have to take it to the courts while the schizo was still in the running.

As my cards showed in the past – everything worked or shall I say ‘woked out for me in the grand scheme and them RVs got booted out and I continued to be da Qween of the PCH ??

And rule my kingdom.

Before I rant take the time to enjoy diss view I – and dese mugs – enjoy freely:

On sum real shit tho. THAT’S WHY I STAY ‘WOKEING THESE HOMELESS MOFOS cause they don’t appreciate my trying to help them yet project all they problems on me (I am gonna have a separate portal for that and for the rednecks, daygo wop, interracial fockers, and the beat-a-bitch arab tribe).

I mean, LOOK at how nasty they got it looking, like a fucking shantytown:


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– I mean the fucking article shows it, throwing trash on the ground, sewage (from what I overheard THEY THEMSELVES SAY) into the ocean, etc.)! Lemme show ya’ll again:

That’s why when I left the shelter I got a car. Easier to manouver and you can move around – tho. I got spots where I can usually park ??

That being said – this was shot last year – hear Officer Haver of the Highway Patrol – he like a spokesperson for the California Highway patrol west valley division – say how it’s the RVs that was causing the problems.

– They must have this nigga deal with bums cause they got him talking on this (I used to see him surfing btw around here):


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What’s so funny is they had a dude I think I ‘woked who showed up to film while I was talking to the man and we both ran up on him – him with his police powers and me with the ‘woke

He musta been somebody I had ‘woked cause he got a nice new car and he missing a FRONT TOOTH – not a side tooth but a FRONT TOOFUSESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Then later on goofy ass sheriffs (this was back when they were fun but now with them towing my vehicle and shit I feel they hate me) showed up about some post an online friend/troll Mike Millz made, talking about crakkkas and sheet. These crakk…. I mean cops are funny! (I said this shit to be funny btw):


Anyways, they RV’s are gone due to the joint CHP – LASD – and The ‘Woke ✊? task force

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