Got My Home Back

Got My Home Back

I’m too fucking excited….

Had to celebrate:

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ Imma talk about dat budlight corona ?? coronado island ? virus tomorrow (and Imma talk about how I ‘woked – my new word – ass in the future for what they did to me here – OH I ‘WOKED EM ??‍♀️?? #ChrisCaseChrisCaseMotherfuckerChrisCaseeee):

Ohhhh I got em back!

Plenty of things done happened since I was gone….

For instance the rednecks and these visions I had of them killing people as per some mk ultra illuminati-sellebrity racket shit and planting the bodies on various properties Oprah bought:

He actually real mad cool peeps! I even admit that I flirted ?

– A bunch of other enemies I had on the pch who now got swept away ?? ???

– After trying to run me out, lol!

And now I got prime real estate

Sometimes with nobody on the pch:

Oh yes I’ve been stabbed…. by a westerbuck (no longer wetbuck):

The bag of rocks he used to hit….

Raped…. by Billy Crumper (that fucking name was told to me in a dream about this serial killer/serial rapist which I found out thru it):

Wish I could catch up with his ass again

And I’ve done advanced my topless activism to walking naked (Don’t try it):

This was nicee too….

Young lady (not her) influenced me to do it after I influenced em to go topless…

Here a money shot:


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– Anyways, ALOT happened so enjoy the renewed blog. I got plentay of plans in store

Here the full UNCENSORED (that’s why I like having mah own blog) version that I showed (in this case didn’t show) on youtube:


Buy vid here:

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