The Horrible Incident That Happened To Me At The Hands of The Coronado Police And Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill

Many times I’ve done vlogs EXPOSING THIS, TALKING ABOUT THIS WHICH WOULD PROMPTLY GET SHUT DOWN BY DANNY’S PALM BAR AND GRILL IN CORONADO ISLAND CAUSE THEY KNOW THEIR MOTHERFUCKING TRIFLING, SICK ASSES ARE GUILTY AND DON’T WANNA LET THE WORD GET OUT ABOUT THE HORRIBLE SHIT THEY DID WHICH WAS PROMPTLY PROTECTED BY THE CORONADO ISLAND PD BACK IN 2011! BUT NOW THAT I HAVE HEALED – IMMENSELY – AND KNOW MYSELF AND AM MORE STRONG IN MYSELF, I WILL NOT LET THEM SHUT THIS SHIT DOWN (IF I HAVE TO COME DOWN THERE MYSELF WITH “OTHERS” AND SHUT THEY ASSES DOWN) CAUSE I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPOSE HOW THAT WHOLE FUCKING BAR, INCLUDING THE OWNER’S (A BITCH) 16 YEAR OLD UNDERAGE SON AT THE TIME STOLE MY CELLPHONE IN AN EFFORT TO KEEP ME FROM CALLING 911 ALL BECAUSE THESE SICK BITCHES GANGED UP ON 1 5’4, 100LBS SOAK AND WET (I know work out with weights and carry them with me in case shit happens in my car) FUCKING FEMALE WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE FUCKING BAR STAFF – OWNER – AND THOSE EVIL, LECHEROUS MOFOS AT CORONADO PD (I RECALL THIS ONE EVIL BITCH – Imma hunt her ass down now that I’m homeless – NAMED “OFFICER” BAUTISTA FUCKING SMIRKED! Imma wipe that shit off that bitch’s face) OFFICER BAUTISTA AND NOW FUCKING HARDY – A PRIVATE DETECTIVE (IMMA STOP THAT SHIT) BASICALLY APPROVED IT, TRIED TO TURN ME INTO THE FUCKING CRIMINAL TO PROTECT THEY ASSES (Now memories are flooding me) and possibly – and this is the most sensitive part cause when you read you can CLEARLY see I had to dissasociate to deal with trauma while recounting it which is a very hard and brave task to do – gotten raped and/ or sexually assaulted by a do gooder who I THINK I know who his ass is who “took me in to his place” instead of the cops properly handle it! With that part I find when shit so unbelievable and traumatic happens – esp. if there is shit already on top of it – I am now realizing I have a tendency to “black it out”, “to deny it” to protect the perp instead of protecting me. I recall the dude you’ll see in my account down below HOVERING OVER THE BED – AND I REMEMBER – BUT I DENIED IT TO MYSELF AND TOLD MYSELF “IT’S A DREAM!” TO DENY THE AWFUL REALITY OF WHAT HAPPENED BECAUSE IF THE COPS WERE ALREADY ACTING LIKE PIECES OF SHIT EARLIER – WHO CAN I RUN TO? WHERE CAN I GO? WHO DO I REPORT TO, Which is why I’m saying it HERE! I also recall being naked and I shouldn’t of been full blown naked when I woke up and I recall at one point my top being down (Yeah I’m a topless rights activist now but going back to that incident that mofo was sexualizing that shit and me. I feel like I lost a part of my soul (which I hope to theraputically gain back after talking about this. Anyways, here’s what happened:


“I want to bring to your attention a grievous act of injustice and abuse committed against me by two Coronado police officers, Officers Hardy (Badge #1018) and Bautista. To give you a backdrop on what happened, I was the victim of sexually battery, assault and robbery over at Danny’s Bar and Grill well past closing time. The incident took place within the time frame of 2:30am to 3:03am, right up until the time I called the police. The police officers were insensitive and displayed an attitude of wanting to blame me for the entire episode and push it under the rug. As you will see when you read my narrative of the events that took place, I felt at that time and still feel extremely violated by the whole episode. I did not deserve what happened to me and I want to see justice served. Below is a backdrop of just what took place at the bar between the hours of 2:30am to 3:03am:

At around 2:30am at Danny’s Bar and Grill, I was talking with a bald headed man who appeared to be in his early to late 30’s, about 6’0. I was told that he was in the Air Force. At some point in the conversation, his temper flared and it became racial, with him talking about, “Blacks feel entitled,” “Blacks want everything to go their way,” etc. At one point, he almost said the “N” word, to which I stopped him.

During his temper flaring, a tan complexioned woman who identified herself as his Puerto Rican girlfriend, late 20’s to early 30’s, jumped in my face and started yelling at me, “He ain’t racist,” etc. I noticed at this point the whole bar chimed in and started to gang up on me at this point. The whole altercation took place at the side rail of the bar where the bartender is. At this point, I noticed that I was being squeezed in. A corpulent woman who appeared to be in her late to mid 20’s, Caucasian, jumped in between us. I could hear shouts of, “Get the fuck out,” “Get the hell out,” all around the bar being directed at me.

The Puerto Rican woman pulled down the top part of my sarong, exposing my breasts. This happened 3 more times by unseen hands during the whole altercation. I was squeezed in and my hand, arms were held by a Caucasian female with faux long blonde hair who appeared to be in her late 30’s to early 40’s. She said she was from Las Vegas and I also believe she said she was a wife of an Air force captain according to a witness. The faux blonde woman kept yelling at me to, “Get the hell out,” while squeezing me in. Scared of the upcoming potential for violence, I pulled out my camcorder, a mino ultra HD camcorder. Someone, presumably the blonde lady and a couple of others, perhaps the lady in front of me, put their hands on my purse to hinder me from pulling it out. I pulled it out and I could see hands taking it away from me, out my hand. The blonde lady, who was directly flanking me to my left took it out of my hand. That is when I pulled for my pepper spray. I heard someone announce that, “I had a dangerous weapon,” and that is when the barmaid, Tony, took the pepper spray out of my hand. I then proceeded to get my cellphone to call the police, and that is when the barmaid snatched it out of my hand. When the gang dispersed, Tony, the barmaid, a Filipino woman in her early 20’s to early 30’s, returned my cellphone back to me. Distraught and in shock, that is when I proceeded to call the police long after the patrons were gone.

Of note an older a Caucasian male in his 50’s to 60’s, a “do gooder” who called himself trying to help me through this ordeal, was verbally attacked and berated by a man wearing a blue stocking cap, shirtless with a distinct voice reminiscent of Jesse Ventura, the former wrestler. He called the man an old perv and referred to me as an “outsider.” Now, I have come there every blue moon and I am familiar with some of the bartenders and regulars. I have even spoke to the blue stocking cap male on many occasions on friendly terms. Studying the “regulars,” I can only presume that my categorization in his eyes was that I was African American, which all the regulars are not.

I also want to note that the blonde haired lady smacking my gludious maximus three times prior to the incident taking place.

When the police arrived, it was two officers, Officer Hardy (Badge #1018) and Officer Bautista, a Filipina woman. When they arrived, they basically treated me as if I was the criminal. Officer Hardy, at one point when I was nowhere near my car, tried to hit me with a DUI by asking, “Had I been drinking?” He then said that I kept on changing my story. From what I could attest, the accused, a native american woman, was never searched. Officer Bautista I believe was th one who was supposed to search her. As one witness could attest, I was an extreme state of shock! He took my ID at one point but never filed a report! When I asked Officer Hardy for his partner’s ID, he never gave it to me! A “do gooder” came up and offered to take me! Without investigating this person, in a mean voice, Officer Hardy said, “You can take her!”

The next day, when I spoke to Officer Boyd, he told me that a report was never filed. On top of that, they, the other Officers, wrote down that they only spoke to 3 witnesses, who just happened to be my attackers, and not the 4th witness who was actually objective in the whole incident. On top of that, a robbery was never filed though I told Officer Hardy and Officer Bautista profusely that I had been robbed. Bautista then said, “There is nothing we can do.”

To say the least, I am extremely shaken up by what happened. I want to see justice done. I would like to see those offices reprimanded for their unbecoming conduct towards me. I also would like for the mayor’s office to contact the police force on my behalf to ensure that this case is taken seriously. When I spoke to Officer Boyd, he requested that I give him an SKU number for my camcorder, then it changed to another number that I was required to give in case they found the camcorder. I don’t know if this is typically done to robbery victims since I don’t know how most people would have that if the product was stolen. I was also told by Officer Boyd that the detective went to look at the video of the place on Sunday night, yet I was told that the incident would not reach a detective until this Wednesday. This has me terribly concerned that my case will not be taken seriously, hence why I am going as high as I can…”

– THAT was written not too long after everything had happened which is why I’m reposting it cause it’s the most accurate (when trauma happens, especially if it’s been awhile since it happened, a person will have a tendency to block it out so details will be murky (just writing this, I feel my soul’s been freed!). That said, let me tell you about the “do gooder”:

It was an old ass white man who said he was from L.A. and was down there, visiting. I also remember him saying he was a retired paramedic.
I remember when everything went down – and I feel the cops coulda done more – as you read above – the cop just allowed him to “walk away with me,” dismissively, even though I was in an EXTREME STATE OF SHOCK! They were already unsympathetic towards me CAUSE I’M BLACK, but they coulda brought me down to the station, investigated more, held my keys while I slept in my car – a myriad of things they coulda done instead of left me in the vulnerable position I was later put in!

That said, the “do gooder” took me to a motel! Knowing the state I was in even though he was an “ex paramedic” who can recognize the obvious signs of shock, trauma, this mofo once I was there, THIS LECHEROUS BITCH knowing my situation started pushing me to “hug him” and “cuddle with him”, trying to insist I “cuddle him!” Being in an extreme state of SHOCK and coming down from alcohol, you won’t be in your best state of mind, I refused! What followed after I still dwell on and obsess to this day: At one point I woke up and saw him hovering over my bed at one point (we slept in separate beds) saying, “Let me cuddle with you!” Now, alot’s almost a “blur” and alot of blackouts and denial. That said, I recall having a nightmare about what happened, still haunted by what happened at the bar! That said, in the middle of the night, I noticed my top was down! That said, I recall the covers being down as well and this is where it gets “hazy” amd I swear I deliberately on my own end “blocked this memory out” but I remember being naked when I woke at one point and going into a state of denial cause I remember thinking to myself if the cops already treated me like shit in the earlier incident just imagine how they’ll treat me in a SECOND INCIDENT in which this bastard KNOWS something already went down so if another incident happens and I report it – I’LL BE LOOKED AT AS THE PROBLEM (THAT’S WHY IT’S SOO IMPORTANT NOT TO GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY WHICH IS A LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS I’VE CURRENTLY REACHED Cause, at the end of the day, to quote your girl, not to make light of this shit tho. it’s hard to talk about, from “The Legend of Billy Jean,” “Right is Right and Fair is fair” and even when sick bastards refuse to believe ya, if you know the truth that’s all that matters and too many times victims/survivors get caught up in what other people think and NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING BY YOU:

There were times I’d wake up and cry about the shit! That said, as you read in the narrative up above, I was told by Det. Cedano that if I see em point em out! Later I did just that after coming down, they all came out to atta k and this bitch ass officer – I’ll never forget – named “Officer Craig” whom you can see down below asked ME for my license “to see if I had a criminal record” even though I was the victim and a female a blonde officer at one point claimed the white blonde BITCH wasn’t in there then said she “had her ID” though she was no longer in there.

Coronado Island is one CORRUPT, EVIL, RACIST ASS PLACE! How the fuck I survived this shit is beyond me! That said, I’ve heard and sometimes had seen alot of shit go down at Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill on Coronado Island late night! I recall one where they had this always topless Mexican dude with a beard looking like what gay dudes would call a “bear” (I think he might of been involved in that attack, I’m not sure) who ATTACKED a blonde haired couple I heard – a blonde haired wife and husband – all cause of those sick ass bastards in there, including that homeless BUM POS, LEE, WHO CHOOSE TO GET DRUNK AND FUCK UP HIS LIFE – wanting the wife (sick mofos!). I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories… That said, I feel good! Down below is “Officer Hardy”, now retired whose supposedly working as a private investigator, who you can see in this picture with a fucking a bear (being a psychic and hereditary “witch”, I CAN SENSE THIS NIGGA A CHILD MOLESTOR AND HE FUCK WITH LIL BLACK BOYS):










Here his Linkedin:

Here his Linkedin:

















This BITCH obsessed with bears. Wonder why? (child molestor):

He at the end, our end.

WE ALL KNOW predators use teddy bears – just as they use candy – to lure kids in, eh, possible “pedosexual” SICK FUCK!!!


They even gave this crooked RACIST bastard his own day:














Here a better shot so you can see his name associated with his SHIT FACE:

Here what I think is another…

He’s to our left!

And here their captain, Captain Balding aka Captain Jon Froomin who look like Captain Spaulding from “House of 1000 Corpses”:

Here a side by side comparison:
















Tell me this bish don’t look like him!

The owner of Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill is Jeff Sweets and the old woman down below named Sue Morgan is the manager:










Here a news article done on it:

Here Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill phone: 619-435-3171

965 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118











Here their Facebook:

This is absolutely accurate!

That said, my conscience is clear! I said my peace! Now, if anybody has encountered anything at the hands of Danny’s Palm Bar and Grill and/ or The Coronado police, please contact ne here at: [email protected]

Thank you!!!

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