The Occult Symbolism Behind The Crucifixion Wounds and Heart of Jesus

Let me break it down…

Remember how I said how the Demiurge is the nemesis of humankind here, how it doesn’t want us to emerge and come into our own spiritual power, evolve into our own Divine Feminine Source energy thus becoming the true gods which the archons aka aliens and reptilians are programmed to stop which I discuss here:

…Well (I HATE to use the image of crakkka christ aka cesare borgia as an example though honestly Jesus Christ I sense – and based on the words of some psychics – NEVER EXISTED)… LOOK AT THE HANDS WHILE THE WHITEWASHED CRAKKKA CHRIST™ hangs on the cross:

The wounds on the hands are meant to denote THE DEATH OF HIS HAND CHAKRAS!!!

See you have hand chakras that are REEAL POWERFUL WHEN DEVELOPED:

They’ve been showing all throughout Eastern karate traditions:

Here is a guy demonstrating it (I believe this is how you develop telekinesis which is the ability to move things with your “mind” which is all really just energy):

That said, check out the “outside” heart of Jesus: that is actually his heart chakra:

Based on what I sense and know, I don’t think Jesus ever existed and considering that the Buy-Bull was made by the Romans at the Council of Nicea ACE (After Common Error meaning none of that Jesus Christ bs) in the 300s with a political agenda involved (the Romans ALWAYS injected a political agenda into EVERYTHING that they do), I believe that the story of Jesus was concocted to serve as a warning to those who were interested in TRUE spiritual self empowerment NOT TO OPEN UP THEIR CHAKRAS lest they be met with death by the Demiurge. THAT is why the buy-bull is filled with telling people NOT to eat frm the tree of knowledge and the snake (which represents the kundalini energy) is bad for telling Eve (again, demonizing the Divine Feminine as symbolized by Eve), thus receiving TRUE spirutual self empowerment, etc. The true christians, the gnostics, TAUGHT to open your chakras. That is why the Romans killed them since they were the True Christians ie the early ones.

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