Man Reveals How Google Manipulates Search Engine Based On WHO Is Searching

When I’ve heard of fucked up shit happening to me… or just to search on the topless thing – when I would look shit up as evidenced by the screenshots below I WOULD FIND NOTHING!!!

Here he is basically confirming this:

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I also noticed a weird ballon anomaly lingering in the air above my car:

Here it is…

That said – and he is NOT the first person I spoke to who confirmed this… this has been going on FOR YEARS in which they tailor searches based on WHO is searching as can be gleamed from your IP address…

It is no surprise! It’s scary the implications of which knowledge can be DENIED an individual based on them doing such things by “tailoring search engines” based on WHO YOU ARE without your permission and NOT FOR GOOD (This ain’t like recommended vids based on your searches).

This is MAD real! Now, sheeple, watch my BEAUTIFUL pics of Malibu:

If you would take the two pics above and post em side by side they would look like the SAME pic in reverse…

Taken from Incubus’s “Morning View”:

Here proof:

Well, close…

And here’s actor James Woods (Gotta be him!)!

Can’t tell me it ain’t!

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