Live Your Truth

That is why I live my life on my terms…

While at the courthouse I caught a confrontation – something with bombs

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Anyways, IT WAS HOTT AS FUCK ALL THIS WEEK! I had some paper work to turn in so I had to do it fast. This dude at the law library came at me WITH THE QUICKNESS, LIKE A MUG!

He got a funny name, it’s Labriel. Like with the other dude at the beach when I spoke with him later one on one and let him know that I am not helplessly and hopelessly crazy (idiosyncratic to the dumb and programmed, yes) he turned out to be cool! That’s why cool heads prevail. I also later on saw him come to low key look a while after I had left to see if I had my top off but that’s why diplomacy is s great thing.

Thst said, later I saw my favourite hotdog vendor who basically thanked me for being me. He wasn’t nasty! He wasn’t on no perv shit; just real cool and down to earth and appreciated me for being myself – something most people ain’t!

People envy that in me; the ability to know yourself, TRULY know yourself and be content which most people are not which is why I have so many haters.

When I went into the law library I can overhear some of the people call me a “troublemaker” and “crazy.” System busters like me, indigo warrior children if you will ALWAYS get called that. That is because folks like me don’t fit into boxes and that is what pisses people off!

That said, that’s why I like fucking with black magick; it’s the Great Equalizer! I’ve done already bodied a few people using it! Few more people done had some bad shit happen to em!

But, in the grand scheme of things, live your truth! I look fairly well because I embrace the dark side, all aspects of myself. I don’t really deny anything! Peopld go into the world, wearing “masks” to maintain their jobs – things people are taught are important, etc. – and they go home with headaches, mental diseases, drowning themselves in sorrow cause they repress BOTH the light and dark parts of themselves! That’s why people die so young, they suppress so much of themselves till they point they don’t even know themselves then point the finger at me, blame cause they are pissed cause I freely – and am free to live my truth and they live lives of lies! Unless you are an organic robotoid – that is not living! Those with higher chakras, we are individuals. We can’t be mass corralled like dummies, like sheep! That is why people like me are resented. I am not like the organic robotoids and freely live in my own identity! I am misunderstood cause most folks can NOT comprehend my level of consciousness so thus they project, they hate – they blame for their lack of self actualization, realization. I have dealt with my shadow self, the lighter part of me – all aspects so I have nothing to hide from me. Most people however, if they were to start to peel back the layers of emotions, how impacted they are by society, how depressed they are truly deep down inside cause they can’t be themselves cause they try to appease other folks for they money, etc – it would be like pulling back a quagmire, a swamp of emotions, etc.

Because people deny who they are, this happens:


And this dude, this Sam Perise individual…

Here his channels:

Here he is in his channel pic featured after murdering an animal:

That nugga look like his sister is his ma and his daddy (who probably fooking him too) his paw! LOL! Asshole from that Hills Have Eyes State! I’d rather live outta my car then to live in that mug!

Looka this guy – he pissed cause, I mean, look, as I said, IT’S HIM RAGING AT ME, LIKE A RAGING CAJUN (OR SHALL I SAY KKKOONASS SINCE HE FROM LOSER-ANA AKA LOUISIANA) and as I said, he keeps throwing at me that I am “homeless” etc. but who the one stalking me? Who the MISERABLE ONE lashing out at me? I live my life. Is he truly happy with his home and the material accrucements that society told him he is supposed to want? He reminds me of this stalker here:

Stalked By Crazy Racist Psycho NARCISSIST Youtube Troll Jim Domen aka Jim Herbertson

A MISERABLE MOFO WHO STALKED ME FOR YEARS AND AROUND CHRISTMAS TIME PLAYED THAT MATERIALISM “I GOTTA HOME” CARD TO PROJECT HIS MISERY ON ME by trying to sway me into thinking I SHOULD FEEL BAD OF HOW I CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE and most toxic of all – get under my skin – cause he miserable and I am truly the one ain’t!

…All cause we try to live a life we aren’t supposed to, aren’t meant to. All cause we don’t try to be true to ourselves…

See, mofos get caught up THINKING they gotta have a family, HUS-BAND (like husbandry where you care for animals but replace it with a husBAND and how you are banded to him) and how you are banded to him and that’s the type of trap that gets people caught up and kept from living the life they truly are supposed to – NOT what the media tells you:

That ugly ass face wss taken from the Great 1980s movie, “They Live” which has become a trope, meme and rallying cry against the Matrix and NWO!

See, I know all that SHIT: marriage, bastards aka STDs known as KIDS, etc – none of that shit ain’t for me! I’ll be honest – I get bored of niggaz! Prostitution was the best biz I ever did. I am also very possessive so I know how EVIL I can be being tied up to someone and to keeds (I’d be jealous if one became more successful then me and excelled – got fame – where I wish I could) so I know bas-TARDS AIN’T FOR ME! I know myself well enough to know this. That’s why I never did that shit (have a family, etc.) and got caught up living the miserable lives they did that caused them in effect to do what they did. It’s what happens when people TELL YOU what should make you happy instead of following what you know MAKES YOU HAPPY!

I’ve been through alot but I am still content. That is really what you want! You don’t need to be CONSTANTLY happy which is fucking mania clinically – well, I mean you kinda wanna stay grounded so you can stay abreast of what is going on this Earth Realm, but that’s why you need to know yourself. That is why, even though I been through a whole lot in my life, my spirit remains intact. I got my blog, talk my shit so it can get out there on youtube and due to my overstanding – shit don’t bother me! I know who I am and what I NEED and WANT and that bothers mofos! I’ve had some ENERGY PREDATORS like the bitches bash me for how live, like I am supposed to be trapped like them (and man do I put that BLACK MAGICK on they asses – some can’t even sleep at night WITCH [pun intended] I see in the spirit realm). Fucking dudes trying to pull me down into that shit, with kids, etc. (and bitch I done fucked up your shit and possibly your afterlife – shouldn’t of come for me.). It’s resentment! Call it what you want. When you hear of SELL-ebs with all their money doing shit like Demi Lavato – drug addictions – it’s cause none of that material shyte makes them happy!

My theory from personal experience is that they are feeding a demon, an entity that lives in ALL OF US really, that got them famous! That’s a story for another time. That is why they say tormented genius. I got alkihol to deal with it and I can tell it ain’t me wanting it or imbibing it. It’s almost a need but I been able to control it so it won’t consume me as in have that spirit take me whole over. It’s real!

That said, find yourself. Once you do, be yourself! People don’t truly know the definition of what being real is. It’s like a cardboard phrase that the soulless say with no innerstanding and overstanding of; just a cutee phrase for them with alot of implications.

Here my gallery of me being real!

You know, it’s funny – just like the Washington Monument here:

L.A. City Hall – like so many city halls and government buildings across the country – has it’s government edifice built like a phallic symbol:

Had to throw that in there…

It’s more than a mere “phallic symbol” which it ain’t but a sun dial to ancient Egyptian God, Ra which was used to direct spaceships in ancient Kemet and other places in ancient times:

Just food for thought!

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