Youtuber A Call For An Uprising Calls Black Woman A Nappy Headed Hoe

Youtuber A Call For An Uprising Calls Black Woman A Nappy Headed Hoe

And says he wants to smell my armpits!

Before I introduce this news, let me take the time to announce the HOTTEST GAY and INTERRACIAL couple here on youtube, Big Herc and Badger of the “Fresh Out of Prison” show, lol:

Look at the chemistry between them…

They can’t take they eyes off each other…

Look at all the fucking shows they did together:

They are seerious!

Here one of they videos…

Anyways, on a serious note (they ain’t together) here is what I wanted to talk about…

Okay, one day I got a message from a troll account called Mag Bam Wicked Bitter Truth whose fake channel you can see here:

– I call it fake and rightfully so cause A Call for an Uprising created it to fuck with Mag Bitter Truth which I will SHOW and explain later…

Anyways here is PROOF of A Call For An Uprising aka Mag Bitter Truth calling me a nappy headed hoe:

Here he is saying he came for my hairy armpits (get it, “came” – I know that’s lame) here:

Now, look through these screenshots – here is PROOF that it is “A Call”:

Note here that on A Call for An Uprising’s youtube channel he has a video titled: “Mag BAM Truth Turd”

Now note on that channel has BAM in the title:

Even in the palm of the guy’s hand it says “Bam.”

Okay, see, “A Call” and Mag Bitter Truth have been fueding for quite some time, talking shit on each other.

I don’t know how this all started but I think Mag called “A Call” out first then they started going back and forth like elementary school kids and now A Call is about to take out ya boy’s channel. Here is a vid that Mag did exposing quite possibly A Call for an Uprising being the voice behind the other mega Youtube channel, “Fact Verse”:

Here that channel, “Facts Verse”:

Now, if this IS in fact him look at the vids he REALLY DOES (for money) on this channel!

How unchristian like!

Personally I don’t think it’s the same guy BUT I WILL SAY that I have always felt “A Call” aka “A Shill” and many of these other BIG POPULAR TRUTHERS like RichieFromBoston – btw I saw the REAL Richie and it was a 60 year old blue eyed white man WITH ALOT of knowledge on the occult (not like this Richie pushing this illuminati-hypochristianity – no WAY you can know about the occult and fall for that shite) who got suicided by two hookers after he dropped the Cern sacrifice tape which you can see here:

CERN musta did a cern on people’s minds much like when the dude’s from Men In Black used a pen to erase people’s memory because I am SHOCKED that sooo many people think this 30 something year old young boy was always on that channel when I KNOW it was a 60 year old good looking white man from Boston with the John F Kennedy accent (the 30 year old Richie is affecting it) who ran that channel…

My thing is – if a mofo getting put on by youtube aka ALLOWED TO BE POPULAR, ESP. IF THEY STILL GET MONETIZED – THEY ARE SHILLS!!!

Real truth tellers like me get ran off of youtube! I can’t tell you how many youtube channels I haved had over the years…. countless ones cause I REALLY tell the truth and get ran off youtube, many places for it. Just search on my blog and you will see what I mean.

That said, as for “A Call” – I always sensed this nugga was in the occult. I always sensed he dabbled in satanism, wasn’t a winner with it so he became a BITTER WEINER instead, complaining and pushing hypochristianity as per the illuminati’s orders.

See, hypochristianity is one aspect of the illuminati or, really, one way the archons suppress the spiritual potential of humanity. Think about it: just as the illuminati tries to dumb us down using GMOs, flouridated water, etc. HYPOCHRISTIANITY taught you that any sort of spiritual/psychic development is a sin! Opening your chakras is a sin. Even in the Buy-Bull aka Bible it teaches that “knowledge is a sin”
with the Garden of Eden tale.
Think about it? Is this not what the illuminati does? Dumb us down?

So, as we move into a new age, the Age of Aquarius which I discussed here:

As we move into an age full of spiritual development, vibrational waves designed to activate our DNA to enhance our spiritual evolution – we are wracked with the forces designed to push us backwards and not forwards, keep us in the dark like during the Dark Ages (when Europe was under the tight grip of HYPO-CHRISTIANITY) or during the Grand Inquisition (when folks were practically MURDERED for not being Christian). Thus, hence why people like “A Call” are being propped up and primed to be used as an “alternative” to the illuminati, a fake one since they are one in the same.

Real CHRISTIANITY taught to open up your chakras. Real CHRISTIANITY taught people to get up out from under the Demiurge aka God which you can read about here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Anybody pushing the LIE of the Demiurge, Yaldoaboath aka God – you know, the jealous one – IS A FUCKING LIE in this day and age and that is EXACTLY what “A Call” and others like him are: liars!

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