Demonic LAPD Cop STALKER R LI Can Expose Others But Don’t Like To Be Exposed

This mofo got ALOT of skeletons in his closet and I intend to find out more…

After I did my expose on this NIGGER ASS APE HERE, R LI, who also happens to be a police officer named Melvin Tisdale who works undercover for LAPD Skid Row Division AND SAID SOME FUCKED UP SHIT, which I exposed here:

Exposing Undercover LAPD Skid Row Cop R LI AKA Melvin Tisdale AKA R LI As A Sexual Predator

Here is his response: a hit dog will holler!

These are DEFINITELY the traits of a predator; a sexual predator. He can go around and stalk Jamila and me, BUT HE DON’T LIKE TO BE STALKED BACK! That is indicative of the mentality of a bully, someone who likes power who liles to bully others but you ain’t supposed to go after him!

Imma be on your ass! You done REALLY fucked up! First coming after me, now you wanna bully me for doing what you do to Jamila and TRIED to do to me, exposing people!

You don’t like to be exposed cause you got alot of dirt in your closet, alot of skeletons.

As I said before, you stalk Jamila smd now me NOT for justice, but it gives you power! Makes you think you are more powerful then two stronger women! That’s why you stalk women and like a scared lil coward (which is what spurs your misogyny), YOU ARE FEARFUL CAUSE THE CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST in the form of me!

You fucked with me for a reason. I’m gonna be your karma as I have been for countless others…

Karma Does NOT Exist And Being An Agent of Ma’at

I know you got a certain lil croes who’ll cape for your ass – defend you like most mofos do with child molestors (same way in which possibly fucked up Jamila) but the truth has gotten exposed ABOUT YOU!

It is your time in the sun to go through what you have put others through, to be exposed for YOUR crimes!

Imma stay on your ass! Best believe that, Melvin!

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