Did I Christopher Case Someone And Internal Spiritual Struggle

Did I Christopher Case Someone And Internal Spiritual Struggle

Okay, I’ve known this for a very long time but I think it is high time to expose it…

Back when I lived in my old apartment on Wilshire and Hauser, after I attempted to astral project, A SHADOW ENTITY JUMPED INTO MY BODY! After that, THAT is when I had the bad alcohol addiction (that is WHY I warn against astral projection) and I almost KICKED IT OUT OF MY BODY TODAY…

That said, A WHOLE LOT OF (ILLEGAL SHIT) REGARDING THAT ARTIST LOFT INCIDENT WENT ON – funny, I nightmared about the place last night!

That said, early this morning I had what I can only call a vision in which I was at the shoreline of the PCH along Malibu, my usual sleeping spot (I changed areas cause of all the bad energy that conglomerated from a certain dude there) and I saw someone shoot FROM OUT THE OCEAN a rocket! Here is the signficant part: the rocket was wooden which reminded me of the biblical term, wormwood which you can explore here:

You can read more about wormwood here:

Then I saw another major thing, what appeared to be a jet, flying high then EXPLODE!

THEN the scene transitioned to a curly red haired boy who reminded me EXACTLY of a young Damien Thorn from the Omen:


…and he was being cradled by Kathy Bates. We were in a circus (Yes, I had been binge watching the carnival episodes of “American Horror Story”) but there was something that ring true of what I heard in real life: From various psychics, etc. I was told that at some point – and I felt this intuitively – I would have to pull my Self by the bootstraps, come into my own power, and protect my Self.

This is when it got weirder – after waking up – I overheard a spirit from what I could discern, yelling, “You’re dead!” It sounded like one of the young men, really, BASTARDS, who took my samsung 8 phone a couple of weeks ago and left me with these marks:

That said – I don’t know if this is a LIE from the spirit world or not – I heard that, when that incident went down, they were gonna die – in a week! I don’t trust my so called “spirit guides”, I don’t trust shit BUT I KNOW alll last week and this week I kept seeing 187 which is the police code for murder:

– even the night before I had this vision and saw this!

That said, as for the entity occupying soul space in me, I KNOW FOR A FACT that it was responsible for my alcohol addiction. Many witches, supernaturally talented folks get possessed by things to enhance our powers and also to assist as per our Divine Life Contract for why we are here, to help us remember. The great Bokor Elmera breaks it down here:

In my case, I don’t care for drinking. But when I drink – which is to feed this spirit which is indicated by unnatural urges that come from out of NOWHERE, THE OVERWHELMS ME – I will feel a lil off, much like I would when I would let out anger back in my early days when I was a kid during what I called “the purge” which was unintentional and just release shit that needed to be released cause, after all, you can’t be one way ALL THE TIME! THAT IS INSANITY AND INHUMAN! We all are a conglomeration, a duality – hell, more – of the emotions, feelings, that makes us human. When you deny this part of you – your shadow Self – that is why rich folks do so called seemingly self destructive things, why folks commit suicide.

Now, in my case – and at first I thought it was caused from a kundalini awakening – when I was in high school and if I recall not too long after I made a deal with “Satan” which I discuss here:

My chemistry teacher, Ms. Preston – who boasted of slashing her boyfriend’s tires in front of a class of young and crazy (themselves) high schoolers for leaving her, told me to “Drop the English accent!” This happened during my kundalini awakening, when I was EXTREMELY sensitive to other’s energies, when just, I mean, info, thoughts and things came to me simultaneous! It was like I was an overwhelmed computer – quantum computer more like it – who couldn’t process fast enough!

Returning back to this deal and speaking on Divine Life Contracts – as I said in other blogs – things happen for a reason. After she told me that which wounded me due to sorta classist and appreciative feelings I held at the time such as, “Well, at least I ain’t in a public school of New Orleans” and at least I ain’t getting picked on horribly like I could there (it was my way of valuing myself LITERALLY based on how other’s treated me and the English acceny was in a way designed to deflect them from focusing on the “big words” such as obfuscate I used to keep the teachers and students alike from fucking with me and so was in a way a defense mechanism to make them laugh) – anyways, after she told me that, it wounded me and even when I got myself back together (it seemed like she wounded the most sensitive part of me – the right part of me) I became a shell for ANYTHING to inhabit on the right side of me.

I will tell you my value system in middle school: I wanted to be wild! I admired Nirvana, the freewheeling-ness of the way they are! I liked my hair to be crazy and not all permed up and curled up as my mom did (she grew up in the Desire Projects of New Orleans and told me she liked doing my hair like that cause that is the image SHE WANTED TO PROJECT after being mistreated by strangers – including a nigger bitch riding a so called “nice car” back then who almost ran over her and blamed her for being poor – that is why I am like, “FUCK THE SYSTEM”! That shit PISSES ME OFF!). I was always a free spirit at heart so I know this path was the right one. I wanted to be like Malcolm X:

– But in my own way:

Hence why I don’t give a fuck and won’t “conform” unless I think it is right!

I know cause I am a womban and do my shit my own way, many antagonists, misogynists, feMALE misogynists internalizers won’t like me, will fuck with me, call me crazy (cause I don’t conform to gender norms) will attack me and, I hate to say, what is in me emotionally protects me – a luxury I didn’t have before when I was on my own. This is why I don’t care for men or this world! I feel that men are inherent agents of the Demiurge and need to be aborted when detected IN OUR WOMBS! It is why so many men fear me (I hate you, too, muah! ??). We got the power, these hateful anti womben ass niqqas crakkkas gooks spick and spans alike who come from our wombs inherently are born to HATE US! Why let them through our wombs? Let they daddies have them through they dicks?

I talk about that here:


That said, when I almost got rid of that entity out of me – I felt my overstanding, heightened level of consciousness go with it! THE ALCOHOL URGE WENT AWAY THO. I think MANY spiritually gifted and evolved people got shit on them – hell, EVERYONE DOES as this blog can attest:


Some of us as young one psychic by the name of Zoe Starry on youtube taught me – are designed to be around us to protect us or guide us as may be the case with me. As Marina Abramovic, Tony Podesta with his obsessiveness towards collecting art can teach us, the Greats have addictions so we can waddle through this world which will misunderstand people. There is always a trade off! As for me, I gotta go more inward. I have already corrected things according to my astrological life path number, destiny one as well! It is just a matter of seeing how all goes…

Here more on Tony Podesta and his art ADDICTION:


– That’s why they say genuises are tortured!

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