My Aura Appeared White All Yesterday

The damn screen just REFRESHED AND DID NOT SAVE THIS as if they don’t want you to know this fact (it is also going maaad sloooowwww)!

NO ONE can tell me my ass evil!!!

I don’t know if it is because you are about to leave your body since your spirit form IS WHITE – but I know my aura was coming up WHITE ALL YESTERDAY after opening up even more so my third eye chakra, the crown chakra and pinal gland (I opened them more than usual):

You can see it being white 3x in a row, here:

Now, I wouldn’t take this app at face value (since my third eye, crown chakra was opened, spiritual readings will be more accurate and I feel that as I elevated they became more accurate since lower spirits couldn’t mess with me, spiritually) but ANOTHER APP – upon first using it – showed the same:

I was also feeling on cloud 9 yesterday, spiritually high, like nothing can bring me down – THE BEST HIGH I EVER HAD! I have heard many theories on white auras – 1. being that it merely represents new light/energy that’s been unallocated in your aura. My take is is that it represents that you are on a higher vibrational level than most people – you are between worlds: the astral AND the corporeal 3D realm. It’s said the best spiritual teachers – Jesus Christ, Buddha had em along with a white/gold halo – something people have seen on me! I’ve known other spiritually powerful people – some with black, blue, purple auras. Seeing this, now I REALLY SEA why lower vibrational mugs hate me!

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