Seeing Spiritual Animals

Now, when I talk about this, I’m not referring to YOUR spirit totem animals…

BTW I found this app named “auric camera” THAT IS REALLY ACCURATE IN TAKING PHOTOS OF YOUR AURA (or at least picking up on your energy as those aren’t actual real auric colors)…

– I notice while in my car the energy FLUCTUATES based on where I’m at!

I notice mines change based on location and based on what location I am at THEY ARE PRETTY CONSISTENT letting me know it is real…

Also, different parts of my body cast off different auric colors letting me know it is accurate on that end as well.

That said, I recall after talking with a very spiritual man…

I started seeing sea lions. He told me he had been seeing them too. I started seeing them pop up at random times:

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– I ain’t gonna let ya’ll off the hook without seeing how BEAUTIFUL malibu is…

– I’m sorry about these dusty ass bum (pun intended) photos here…


– I also saw Deputy Thieme in the ocean as well aka a whale.

That said – this past weekend – while at the beach I SAW A SWAN (You don’t usually see them at the ocean).

IT HAPPENED RIGHT ON TIME after I started messing around, experimenting spiritually. I took it to mean “growing spiritually” as in “growing from an ugly duckling into a BEAUTIFUL SWAN!!!).

(Imma try to find the photo later… sure it’ll turn up!)

That said, I’ve always felt that animals can be messengers from the Spirit Realm. A while back a crow (who are always close to me) communicated something to me. It shows how all things are connected to energy which animals are most in tune too which I think is due to their simple nature for instance, it’s a well known scientific fact that when you lose one ability such as an eye your third eye or some other etheric or even physical capability such as smell (which can be etheric) enhances or, as in the case of your third eye, opens…

That’s prob. how blind people can “see” using better vision than us. It is reported that before the reptilians, other alien groups stole our etheric capabilities, senses according to David Icke, Credo Mutwa – WE COULD NOT TALK! However, when we were given language, our now perceived to be paranormal abilities got taken away from us. Our ancestors on Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis would communicate via telepathy then via a fall from Grace (or more accurately theft by deception) we lost said ability to be in DIRECT contact with the astral and so along with those abilities we fell into the state we are in today.

We weren’t cavemen, etc. WE HAD – ON OUR OWN – ADVANCED SOCIETIES, CAPABILITIES where we intermingled with many alien species – many crocodilian reptilians whom I have seen wearing cloaked robes, etc. There is SO MUCH people who control history hides from us! For instance, check out this 1 million year old sandal print found in the sand:

Or these coneheads (said to be associated with Ancient Egypt, Kemet where the rulers were said to be aliens or mixed with their DNA of which it is said the aliens had the “coneheads” along with what are defined as very “feminine bodies” on both sexes which you can read more about here):

That said, THIS AWESOME YOUTUBE CHANNEL named “Mudfossil University” talks more about this:

Here he is showing the fossilized remains of a VERY PRETTY PLUMED (FEATHERED) REPTILIAN:


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