What Is True Possession

I had an ephiphany last night – and what I am about to say will run CONTRARY to what most people think of possession!

I recall Bobby Hemmitt said it best: “True possession is when a being, an entity can take perfect stock within your subconscious mind, becoming One with you…”

– Those are actually my words, paraphrasing what he was getting at!

People MISTAKE demonic possession for being something that takes over your body TO DESTROY YOU which in one aspect it is, but – in my experience, it is something much more…

See, when I worshipped under Satan, the Orishas, etc. THEY BECAME LITERAL ASPECTS OF ME WHO TOOK UP “RESIDENCE” in my mind; they “colored” my aura and influenced how people interacted with me based on the reputation of the said “deities”, for instance – under the satanic influence – people didn’t want to be around me since satan is known fof rejection. Under Oshun, I attracted alot of black women who became nicer to me (since SHE IS a black woman, etc.). That said, possession IS MORE than just the hellish images you see on TV of an entity burrying itself into someone, kicking out the original soul then taking over the body “vessel” as the “new” soul – possession can, deciding who you are agreeing to share your body with – can be advantagous, provided you don’t let it run you!

That said, don’t take the catholic way of seeing things (which is really a FRANKENSTEIN religion based on dogma with aspects stolen from OTHER REAL SPIRITUAL SYSTEMS!). Based on understanding, innerstanding, OVERstanding – it can turn out to be a GREAT experience for all parties involved…

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