The Alchemy and Power of Magickal Crystals and Stones

The Alchemy and Power of Magickal Crystals and Stones

Pardon the initial part where I had to run some sexual harassers off in the vid which you will see further down, lol!…

Anyways, I want to go ahead and share some of my knowledge on stones

That shit’s literally glowing, lol! It’s got special shit that surprises me!

These are very powerful things. They can do alot of great things for you hence why I got up out of deity worship! I sincerely believe that those entities like oshun, yemaya, baron samedi are really energy suckers who suck us of our true Divine Life Power. I feel they are agents, avatars (as referred to in Hinduism in correlation to Shiva – the euphemism for the Demiurge) of the Demiurge who keeps us in the dark of our powers and manipulates events so that those who will come into their true power – Don’t! 

You can read more about the Demiurge, here:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

That said, I felt truly free and discovered happiness – well, more so, contentment as happiness is fleeting – contentment after no longer worshipping those things. The stones helped me out. They have helped me out – significantly than one. I even heard my voice say “hi!” to me once. Didn’t get a bad sense. I guess it’s foreboding of great things to come…

Here’s the video:

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