Pazuzu Tells Me To Come Back When I Awake One Morning In Malibu

That said… Basically, you KNOW you are ON THE RIGHT TRACK when you have DEMONS begging you to return to them, which essentially happened in this dream:

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Note the video ends at 11:11, which means start of a spiritual (REAL this time) journey:

That said, I always knew I was “different” from most people. I am, thankfully, not like everyone else: I was NOT MEANT to have the same boring life most NORPS I call em (general people) have! Mines is supposed to be filled with sending a message, which I am just coming into! I BEAT an OVERWHELMING URGE TO “DRINK” – caused by lower level entities trying to throw me off my “life path!” I have CONFRONTED – NUMEROUS TIMES – “WOLVES” AND DUDES IN GENERAL TRYING TO BE MY “SUITORS” WHO I IMMEDIATELY RECOGNIZE AS NO MORE THAN AGENT FUCKING SMITHS TRYING TO THROW ME OF MY LIFEPATH as was done to so many REAL (NOT these lil bastards with ADD who just don’t want to fucking listen – but wise children and I have met them) indigo kids who have come and gone… who have settled into what I call a “mediocre” life because they don’t want the hurdles and challenges that comes with the responsibility of being me. I recall – and never will forget this – while in jail I had a “vision” (which included being told “no drugs or alcohol”) in which some lil well dressed black folk – who were dressed like they were going to church – showed me via a projector ALL the civil rights leaders who had come and gone. I saw those who had “gone” with their names “X’d” out. They told me “it was not my time!” I even get mofos who have THREATENED ME AND HAVE BEEN BASICALLY USED AS CONDUITS TO COMMUNICATE MESSAGES FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD, SUCH AS THIS HERE:

The feeling I got reading those words is it wasn’t him…

– This is where SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT comes into play! Most people on the surface would think it’s a “neo nazi” talking shit but then I threw cards and got the Devil:

I knew it was THAT and NOT HIM talking. That said, I screenshot it, sent it to him and the harassment STOPPED! Same thing happened when I called a BLACK LADY OUT who was harassing me due to demonic possession, like Constantine!

That said, I can NOT believe I have finally overcome a DEMON to come into my OWN power, like Bruce Lee – who was in his lifetime unbeknownst to many – a “Living God” amongst us!

My energy is too strong! I am not one of you! I AM HAPPY ABOUT IT!

That said, last night, on Oct. 28, 2017 – I got a “call” from none other than Pazuzu, who appeared with a dog face, on an old time train, wearing old style black clothing (it kinda reminded me of what Sherlock Holmes wore except ALL BLACK!).

This is Pazuzu!

– LOOK AT HIS HANDS: As Above, So Below! He also has angel wings much like a stereotypical “christian” angel (a “religion” which stole ALOT from other spiritual systems), and a dog face much like Egyptian God, Anubis!!

He wanted me to make a sacrifice – I said, fuck that! I also recall seeing in this “vision” my purple amethyst rock AND a pink amethyst rock and the pink amethyst rock “fell” and shattered into sugar (it was one of those “using” dreams addicts will be a familar with) as if I am walking away from something… Which I did! That said, I am here on this Earth for a great purpose: I just don’t know what it is yet… But the time will come when I fulfill it then I can move on…

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