LAPD Officer Nersi Attempts To Arrest Me When Inquiring About DUI Case

Okay! I went in to inquire – and acquire – the ticket of my DUI since I swore on the ticket I once had (WHICH WAS MISSING WHEN I RETURNED BACK TO MY CAR) I SWEAR IT SAID A DIFFERENT COURT DATE THAN WHAT THAN WHAT THEY SAID HERE OR WHAT THE WARRANT CALLED ME IN FOR WHICH IS WHY I WANTED IT. While there you can here one of the officers say it would be at estimate for JUNE 16, 2017 (the warrant said I missed the court date in MAY) which you can hear HERE:


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…but another officer/ detective, Detective Nersi, came up and tried to arrest me, saying “I might of missed my court date because it us supposed to be – the court date – within 30 days after the arrest” practically which you can hear here:

I also went down to the Airport Courthouse after being advised to do so and as you can hear they almost said at first they couldn’t get the documents on said court case!

THIS WHOLE ENTIRE THING HAS BEEN FISHY FROM THE START!!! Stay tuned for Part 2 or in other words the next article!

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