Possibly Sexually Harassed By Officer Mike Siordia of LAPD Wilshire Who Owns Marconi Radio of Burbank

There is something not right about him based on my own suspicions:

He has showed up for a call for me before which you will be able to see later way down below in this article and I have always – being highly perceptive, psychic if you will – gotten a weird vibe such as when he showed up for the meth addict which you will be able to see in the video further down below who was stalking me in the miracle mile area of Los Angeles on Hauser Blvd – WHERE MY HOME IS – while walking home. I remember he blamed ME for the ordeal, saying I “shouldn’t of walked home,” which you can see in the video down below. In addition, he made a comment that didn’t sit well with me, which came off as “flirting” to me, lowkey, in which he stated: “Well, if I were your boyfriend and I hit you, you can get one…” Now, the meth addict was NOT my boyfriend. I made that clear and though it sounds innocuous, again, because I have a a higher intuit, higher consciousness level I would say MORE EVOLVED than most people (read here about my possibly being a starseed and my childhood experiences with ufos and other “weird” so called anomalous, I sensed it was “more” beneath the words. That said, while I was copwatching that night, note in the video above, he keeps whistling and trying to make “contact” and talk with me. I got the sense that the whistling was a show of male domination over a female, like in some way a way of marking your territory (?) and partly on trying to run me up the street as they know that that makes me very – well, I don’t play that. That said, the feeling I got was to show domination, show in a fucked up way “attraction” in a very low key style but at the same time show fear of MY strength and power if this makes sense (note they both kept moving away from the camera as if they hated being filmed but I also got the very deep sense that it was like “playing a game” with me as well). Now, on the street harassment, as you can see right here, it is a SHAME cause he has TWO DAUGHTERS, who you can see down below along with a beautiful, gorgeous wife (who, to me, is out of HIS league):

That said, when a man wolf whistles at a woman, it is meant and designed to put her in the position of a DOG, as if you are to come to him, – ON COMMAND – as is done to a dog. That is why women are called “bitches” in our society. I have to add this as a sidenote in light of what happened, what transpired. Here are some other pictures to note:




Mike Siordia Biz
This is the name of his business.




Their address is: 8485 Glenoaks Blvd Suite 8
Sun Valley, California
(818) 240-1090



Mike Siordia Address Info

Taken from pipl, a PUBLIC search engine here: https://pipl.com/search/?q=Mike+Siordia&l=Burbank%2C+California&sloc=&in=5
Here are the dox as take from PUBLIC search engine, Pipl:


818-445-2877, 562-456-5023


Michael C Siordia, Carlos M Siordia, Asrlos Siordia


Fresno, California Pasadena, California N Evergreen St, Burbank, California 12307 Howard Street, Whittier, California Sun Valley, California


Vanessa P Siordia, Jesus J Siordia, Michael A Siordia, Marisa K Siordia, Esther G Siordia, Yudithriam D Siordia, Carlos Siordia, Yudithriam Diazsiordia

Here is his “partner”:

Mike Siordia Biz 2


…who I suspect may be the same guy here:  Mike Siordia Illegal Tow Truck Operator Partner Pic



Who runs an illegal tow truck operation which I will touch on in my next article.



Here is a side by side comparison of the two:

Note the same salt and black pepper hair along with same features...
Note the same salt and black pepper hair along with same features…
Here is another example of the SCUM Officer Siordia possibly works with, showing PORN on his cellphone to me!
Here is another example of the SCUM Officer Siordia possibly works with, showing PORN on his cellphone to me!








I initially came into contact with him when a local meth addict attacked me on MY OWN BLOCK as I was walking home, as you can see HERE:

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As you can HEAR AND SEE ABOVE, when the cops showed up, Officer Siordia essentially blamed ME FOR WALKING HOME BACK TO MY APARTMENT and intrinsically said the homeless meth addict who DOES NOT LIVE AROUND HERE OR PAY RENT had the right to way. I think it was because he was white and I was black. Anyways, regardless of race, think if that was your sister or little brother walking down and the cops BLAMED YOU FOR WALKING HOME ON YOUR OWN BLOCK AT NIGHT AFTER BEING ATTACKED AND ESCAPING FROM A METH HEAD WITH BOX CUTTERS!!!


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