Going for a Topless Walk Around My Neighborhood In Mid Wilshire

Here is the highlight of my jogging experience while TOPLESS:     The highlight of my morning right here: When I am topless and spend my day jogging or working out (Thursday is my designated work out, walk around/ job day) I usually go from Hauser Blvd to around near the LACMA museum/ LaBrea Tar […]

I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

In light of what just had happened today, which you can see here:   I will go ahead and amend the complaint to my civil lawsuit in which I am pursuing in federal court for violation of my rights based on gender to be female and topless in public!   Here below are screenshots of […]

Jehovah’s Witness Pass by Topless Woman on Hauser Blvd and Don’t Say Shit

These were some good, church going ladies: I have to commend them for their reaction to my toplessness. They were very nice. Later, I thought they were calling the cops…then I saw the rest of the bunch show up, otherwise known as the peanut gallery. Watch!

Woman Runs Around Naked In MacArthur Park In Westlake Los Angeles LAPD Called

I took this a longggg, long time ago, March 23, 2012 to be exact.   I remember the day like it was yesterday. Now, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, there are no laws on the books against public nudity, either…but you won’t be seeing me running around MacArthur Park or Hauser Blvd fully nude, too. […]

The White Man Is Why Female Toplessness Is Illegal

Watch this video here:   This is why we have rape victim blame, slut shaming and all these patriarchal attitudes in our culture: CAUSE OF THE WHITE MAN! Yeah, that’s right! I said IT! At the end, they are responsible for this, for sexualizing the female body, namely started in the name and pursuit of […]

Ugly White Australian Bitch On Hauser Blvd Harasses Topless Black Lady Cause Ugly Liver Spot Hoe Is Jealous

TURNS OUT, I SUSPECT, IN A COINTEL PRO TURN OF EVENTS, LAPD WILSHIRE SENT THAT UGLY WHITE BITCH TO FUCK WITH ME! More LAPD dox and other info coming soon along with a separate article on this and my talking about Cointelpro. I personally hope the bitch DIES of cancer AND aids! The bitch looks […]

Bald Headed Bitch Harasses and Stalks Woman for Being Topless on 600 Block of Hauser Blvd in Los Angeles

See this bald headed bitch here right up above in the pic? Well, here is my video on him and confronting him after he attempted to “gender correct” me and attack me for not following along gender policed lines of how and where womyn should display our bodies…. Along with my forward on this… Okay, […]

Foreboding Nightmare About LAPD, Drugs and Murder

My friend had the first dream, and I had two of the same one twice in a row…   The cosmic universe is telling me something…I believe that when you dream, you go into parallel universes, etc. However, your dreams can be a precognitive thought int the realm of what is going to happen to […]

Second Incident of Harassment by Officer Goldberg After Filing Lawsuit Against LAPD

  I noticed that, right after the Bank of America incident, which you can see right here, I have had a second encounter with the LAPD in which numerous times the PD officer on the scene, Officer Goldberg (badge No. 36672) told me that: 1) They showed up for a naked lady (nasty ass) 2) […]

Buy My Art Prints

Here are what I think will be my TWO BEST SELLERS RIGHT HERE:               BUY EM! Go to this link here: http://toplessinla.org/artwork-for-sale/   The reason why I am doing THIS instead of merely begging you for money – as MANY activists do – is because I feel like I […]