Spic and Spans Attempt to Murder Brotha NBA Youngboy But Won’t Touch Mexican 69

This why I say they committing ethnic genocide against us: Here a screenshot of the ILLEGAL DREAMers (Send ALL they asses BACK!)! Those nasty wetback SPIC AND SPANS with their bad built beanbag bodies (due to eating all those refried beans, fucking beaners) are PISSED cause NBA Youngboy with his BEAUTIFUL NUBIAN chiseled body can steal their equally bean bag built hoez away – most of whom can’t stand em and rightfully so cause the male beanbags BEAT ON EM! – NBA from my home state of Loser-ana btw. Erstwhile, Tekashi69 (I kinda like his character 🙂 – had some

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Why I Don’t Like Wetbacks and Hispanics In General

I am excluding the black hispanics… this does NOT apply to them! I been wanting to say this for a loooong time… These “people” are worse than what white folks would ever be, could ever be! As I explained here: And here… These “people” think the same way white people do except, due to low I.Q.’s and low levels of consciousness (which is why they are OBSESSED with sex, have 15 million kids and then PROJECT – as white folks do – on us and distinctly make it a point to fetishize black womben which is why I made it

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