Black Woman Starts Topless Movement in L.A. And White Woman Gets Credit

I knew this was gonna happen:   Link to article here:   Here is PROOF I did it first:                         I felt it in my bones which is why I STOPPED “blogging” about “topless activism” on my site and started focusing on MYSELF on […]

Bank of America Discriminates Against Topless Female and LAPD Called and the Unruh Act

Okay, see this shit I have talked about long before in the past and will continue to talk about NOW:   This is all about rape, rape victim blame and male domination of womyn’s and other femail’s (little girls) bodies for men’s reproductive benefit! As one of the male misogynist cops in this video expressed […]

All These Topless Men Walking Around and LAPD Ain’t Doing A Damn THING

Look at all these topless men in this video walking around, with THEIR nipples exposed and the LAPD helicopter (which wasn’t even supposed to be there) then showed up only when I was topless….   It’s this type of treatment that keeps RAPE CULTURE ALIVE: THE UNCONSENSUAL SEXUALIZATION AND SO THUS AUTOMATIC OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMYN’S […]

Film Footage of the First False Arrest By LAPD For Being Topless and Female In Public

Here is finally released film footage of the first false arrest at the hands of LAPD Officers Morrow, Noble along with others, including Sgt. Morse (who is presumably off camera and can not be seen cause I saw him for the majority of time while I was in the cop car, waiting to be ushered […]

Ain’t This Some BS: LAPD Lets Crazy Man Be Topless But Arrests Topless Women

Look at this shit right here: LAPD let this man directly across the street from them be topless, but not I…. Ain’t that some bs and a gender based, slut shaming SHAME!

LAPD Attempts To Illegally Arrest Woman For Being Topless in L.A.

Notice how the two bitches were smirking while looking at me topless – all the while, with that young, peanut head lil boy there telling me to “put a shirt on, put a shirt on…” You know, the young male hispanic officer who was harassing me.   You will hear it all on tape!   […]