All These Topless Men Walking Around and LAPD Ain’t Doing A Damn THING

Look at all these topless men in this video walking around, with THEIR nipples exposed and the LAPD helicopter (which wasn’t even supposed to be there) then showed up only when I was topless….   It’s this type of treatment that keeps RAPE CULTURE ALIVE: THE UNCONSENSUAL SEXUALIZATION AND SO THUS AUTOMATIC OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMYN’S […]

Possible Rapist LAPD Cop Richey Sexually Harasses Topless Woman in Hollywood, CA

Here is the image of Officer Richey, possible SEXUAL PREDATOR, leering down at my breasts while stopping me, saying it is “offensive” what I did but he is not being offensive for STARING AT MY BREASTS, which is what you can see in the picture down below:  All these bitches ought to be LOCKED UP […]

Sexual Harassment by LASD or CalTrans Malibu Volunteer Employee

I don’t know WHAT department this lil nigga works for, but I just know he did it! Just this past weekend, I was the victim of sexual harassment. I was the victim of sexual harassment by this lil nigga right here:   Now, before I get into details, I know I may sound “politically incorrect” […]

What Is The Difference Between the Male Nipple and the Female Nipple

Can you tell me what is the difference between this and this:   Well, the former, to the left, belongs to HIM – a man! And the other belongs to ME, a womyn!                                             […]

LAPD Called on Me For Walking Around Topless by Irate Neighbor

Anyways, in this goodie but oldie (well, not that old, circa 2014 last month, actually, two months ago!!) I had my first taste of having the po po called on me in the form of an irate neighbor of mine – who you will see in the tape – calling the police on me for […]