Interracial Intereconomic El Dyko Relationship Gone Sour

Interracial Intereconomic El Dyko Relationship Gone Sour

This was weird tho…..

I heard the muscle bound black dyke down el dyko (you know she is) yell, “GOOOO” then I saw the pretty white lady back up (she was dressed mad well). I also heard a really deep dude’s voice coming from there.

It just seemed so fucking weird.

I tried to use my third eye to pry why they came here and I saw someone who I guess they were using – the black lady – it was a group of people and she seemed drug sick and them lifting her up. I saw her kissing the white lady and I saw her fucking up I’m guessing that vehicle they were in….

I remember that black el dyko saying, “I can’t stand her” when I asked who the “Go” was referring to (cause the dyke hate light)…..

I’ve always said that Malibu has a weird energy where it is a strong Soulless energy mixed with a demonic satanic nefarious presence that trickleates thru the people here. It is one of selfishness and greed compounded on a foundation of complete and utter selfishness reminiscient of the spiritual disease Native Americans called wetiko.

Just yesterday after this vicious attack here a kneegrow comes up – not too long after a kind hispanic man was kind enough to buy me fruit etc. – and – tho the brother offered money etc., at one point in our exchange he says, “Can I touch your breasts” and when I said “no” with the death stare and letting him know I just came out of county and don’t mind going back (I had a knife right near me) he said, “You can’t say that.”

He had to have been on something…..

When I first got here – and even years before – there was a tendency to not really give a fuck or show compassion for someone who may have broken down in the middle of the road. Even if you were a very attraction young woman dudes would just wolf whistle – a rapist energy – but wouldn’t help.

I remember a broad when I first came out here living in a TORN TORN down black suv being the only person to offer me a jump for $20 – even homeless folks weren’t unified.

I’m just gonna say it: my energy alone actually improved the energy of the area.

It became much less selfish, even organic portals showed compassion and the homeless became a unifying force, looking out for one another.

These folks in the video encapsulate that selfish angry moving on up the ladder of materialism out of a desperate DESIRE for approval from society energy.

That black lady looked poor. The way she acted would be seen as “ghetto” by many. I sense she has no sense of self, is just lost as seen thru my third eye. Alot of folks around her are using her for her energy.

She is surrounded by people who are NOT on her level of consciousness, are dragging her down to a level she is not meant to be at, is better than and are devouring as much of her light as they possibly can.

It is a sad situation I have witnessed before.

As a matter of fact, when I was parked at the beach I remember seeing an odd trio consisting of a thuggish looking hispanic male cholo, a young innocent sweet looking hispanic girl who looks like she could work at the library (as I did as per my first job at UNO) and an OLDER 38 year old black dude (the two hispanics were really young, like late teens to early 20s).

The young lady was confirmed 19 as saud from her own mouth.

I remember she was boasting of how she beat a girl in the bathroom nearly “lifeless” bragging to impress them ??‍♀️

It is what happens when you don’t know yourself, are unhealed and so thus any and all parasites come on/in to you.

It is sad situation.

– The weird thing is tho…… I saw thru my third eye them visiting someone in jail. It was too weird cause I womder if it was this motherfucker pos…..

I Beat A White Attempted Rapist Who Tried To Use Bear Spray

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