Mysterious Green Light Beaming Across From Malibu

Here the green light I’m talking about:

Note the camera zoom stopped at “6.6”

BTW, last night the sheriffs’ helicopters were flying overhead near that Ocean’s restaurant in Malibu and the SOB was flying MAD LOW!

I also heard a weird pulsating “boop” sound much like whales are said to emit which sounds much like the Taos Hum:

This is strange but I’ve been seeing this light go off and on for awhile now…

Saw it last night:

Couple of nights before, too:

I’ve been seeing this phenomenon for quite a while now… after the search and rescue mission last night I presumed it belonged to the Coast Guard…

But yet… the green light I’ve been seeing was stationary and doesn’t light up very often. The Coast Guard vehicle had a variety of lights – yellow, green and red in a triangle of course AND IT WAS MOVING AROUND!

I don’t know what this light could be?

That said – and as I said before – there are alot of ufos, aliens in Malibu (I have seen them at the Lost Hills Sheriffs station – the reptilian variety). Look at this case HERE for proof:

Also, note his “relatives” are gonna destroy the guns (And I sense they reptilian asses not for good reasons):

Here is another article confirming what I’vd been talking about regarding ufos underwater and that green light possibly being one of em:


So there’s alot of weird shit out here. May explain why I’m drawn to out here:

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