Shout Out To Clauneck The MONEY Demon

I did this video a while back… But because of Youtube’s RACIST censorship policies which you can read here these mofos forced me to place it here… That said, Clauneck the demon is a WONDERFUL demon to go to in times of money. Hell, this man in this blog here:       …talks […]

What I Like About Being A Dark Satanic Witch

Yeah, I know I’m BLACK ūüėČ But that’s not what I am referring to when I say “dark…”   To make a long story short for the longest time I have always been a “good” person – not a nice person – nice people are living doormats who are always getting stepped on by the […]

Evidence of Google YouTube Stealing AdSense Money and Other Unfair Business Practices

HERE IN THE GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE¬†YOU CAN¬†SEE A POSSIBLE GOOGLE EMPLOYEE BOASTING OF EXTRICATING ALL OF MY CHANNELS… PERFECT EVIDENCE this is coming from Google YouTube as there are¬†NO VIEWS¬†yet these vids have¬†already¬†have¬†DONVOTES and they weren’t even VIEWED YET: I never hacked this person or anyone’s account but this is this person’s rather “clever” way […]

White Punks Pissed Cause I Am Not A Bedwench to Homeless White Cluckerbeast

HERE IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO I CREATED BACK IN 2013: Now onto the video: Here are the comments of his “supporters” – bet they wouldn’t give him a bath of warm hot piss if HIS life depended on it (the homeless guy who they are “caping” for): Look at this lil racist ass youtube channel […]