I Will Amend the Federal Lawsuit Against The LAPD For Violation of My Topless Rights

In light of what just had happened today, which you can see here:   I will go ahead and amend the complaint to my civil lawsuit in which I am pursuing in federal court for violation of my rights based on gender to be female and topless in public!   Here below are screenshots of […]

5th Incident of Harassment by LAPD for Being Female and Topless In Public In L.A.

Alright, I thought that this shit would NOT persist after I filed my federal lawsuit but it is:   You can see here where I filed my lawsuit against the LAPD for this SAME, EXACT THING: For being topless in public, which you can read here: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/cacdce/2:2014cv04803/593138   Just today, as I was working out in […]

Difference In How LAPD Treats Man Pissing In the Bushes Vs A Woman Who Is Topless and Supposedly Pissing

Alright, a while back, I recall an incident which you can see right here: ….where a man, a gay man, was pissing in front of my apartment building (presumably). Well, he had his dick out and I caught it on tape. Well, I recall the dispatcher – a lady – saying that, “Well, he could […]

Dr Fluegel Chiropractic Associates of Beverly Hills Attempted to Pat Down Woman Illegally For Drug Test

Since Google wants to take my blog posts down, I’LL PUT THEM BACK UP HERE WHERE THEY CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT EM!   Here is what happened. I don’t believe in staying silent and the misogynist folks at Google want me too so FUCK EM and here is what happened based on a letter I […]

Night of the Crakkkas

This is some funny shit! The second video took place outside the 99 cent store on Fairfax Ave. by Wilshire Blvd. 6121 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA (323) 939-9991 Basically, this crakkka beast in the second video called me and my best friend “girls” and what you see in the tape is what ensued, lol!

Kris Benveniste Calls Me The N Word After Calling Him Out On Possibly Sexually Harassing A Woman

This nigga thinks he is GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN: This ugly bitch look like he can pose as “twinses” with this ugly mofo right here, Randall Flagg from that Stepphen King film, “The Stand”: See, they’re TWINSES! This crakkka KIKE crypto beast came to my attention when I noticed him staring lecherously at ALL – […]