Bank of America Discriminates Against Topless Female and LAPD Called and the Unruh Act

Okay, see this shit I have talked about long before in the past and will continue to talk about NOW:   This is all about rape, rape victim blame and male domination of womyn’s and other femail’s (little girls) bodies for men’s reproductive benefit! As one of the male misogynist cops in this video expressed […]

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Years ago, back in 2009, a young black womyn went missing….               No, she wasn’t a Trayvon Martin, or another lil nigger thug (not saying Trayvon is) named Michael Brown who beat up on a store security clerk and somehow got the adulation (and well deserved jeers) of the […]

Artwork for Sale

The reason I am selling images in the form pf prints instead of begging you for your hard earned cash like most activists sites do is because I feel like it s best to do something in exchange for the money, give you something worthwhile that you will like and that I will be proud […]

All These Topless Men Walking Around and LAPD Ain’t Doing A Damn THING

Look at all these topless men in this video walking around, with THEIR nipples exposed and the LAPD helicopter (which wasn’t even supposed to be there) then showed up only when I was topless….   It’s this type of treatment that keeps RAPE CULTURE ALIVE: THE UNCONSENSUAL SEXUALIZATION AND SO THUS AUTOMATIC OBJECTIFICATION OF WOMYN’S […]

Sexually Harassed By Two Spic-And-Spans While Driving Topless

The other day, you see these two wetback ass mofos here:   Anyways, basically on a serious note I deliver my monologue about rape culture and why men fear and are intimidated by the breasts: the very things that nourished them when they were young!

Sexually Harassed by Ignorant NIGGA With the Los Angeles Public Works Department

This ignorant NIGGER who you are about to see here:       Well, I won’t go into further comments but you can see this dumb brained, money ass NIGGER would have said something even if I were wearing a long fucking tunic or burqa down to my fucking ankles, but this is not only […]

My Take on Street Harassment Being Topless and Female In Public

Alright, here’s my motherfucking take on this shit…   Alright, here is the problem with cat calling…when I was doing my “topless protest“, they had a NEGROID who dared, attempted to tell me that he doesn’t like my underarm hair but the rest is okay. I told that black bitch, “I WOULDN’T FUCK YOUR BLACK […]