How To Defeat Pallet Numbre And Hekate

Lately both Pallet Numbre and a “goddess” named Hekate have been on my heels in the astral plane, vowing to keep me stuck in hell realms because they want me as a sacrifice! I wonder if it is because of a deal they made with Barbara Reina and David Reina in order to keep my powers, blessings and other things stolen from me as part of this curse.

David Reina keeps sending entity attachments made of my brother Kristen, who he has placed in terrible hell realms, to keep me from procuring my abilities and blessings back.

That said both these evil mofos – I learned that Hekate likes traveling the astral plane to steal folks psychic abilities and spiritual powers – have stolen my timelines, a key to a person’s existence, and have literally shredded up my Soul, energy body, as well as divided my consciousness and placed them in hell realms
all across the astral plane, in one instance dividing my energy body up and placing me in someone else’s energy body and placing all aspects of my energy body, consciousness all around the astral plane, connecting me to hell realms, and torturing me every day until I die.

It is a very deastic situation I can’t stress enough.

These evil entities and people are ganging up on me from returning back to my body and the timeline I lost on August 22, 2022, in which a girl named Rosie who looks like this:

That’s how she looks.


Confirmation of this came in the form of, while walking in a park in Santa Monica, somebody slapping on “Rosie’s” timelines upon my body and then, the next morning, a very level headed clerk at a store I always go to telling me that he got a call from someone who sounded exactly like me with static on the other end of the line, the indication of a ghost.

From what I understand, from what I beem told by numerous psychics and from what I have even seen through my own third eye, that was my Soul crying out for help!

That said, I am in a terrible fucking place. In addition to Hekate, Pallet Numbre and David Reina and them trying to steal all my timelines which is crucial to your connection to Self as well as your ancestors, etc. they have been placing entity attachments in me, my consciousness designed to destroy it such as when they placed a pipe in my head that was designed to pump entity attachments designed to destroy me.

There are connectors attached to your energy body and everyday they switch em up to keep me from accessing spiritual help and when my spirit guides are doing crucial work to help me, such as when one of David Reina’ evil entity attachments disconnected such a wire when one spirit guide was helping me with some crucial energy work.

These things are major bullies that don’t like to be exposed and enjoy the fact that folks in the 3D can’t see them to get away with doing evil shit that they do!

They try to remove crucial connections to contact my ancestors and etc and constantly dump entity attachments of my ancestors, enemies like David, Barbara Reina, and others to further tear apart my head.

Hekate and them are CONSTANTLY stealing MY timelines to defend the white racist (I heard Hekate is a white supremacist herself) Rosie, who stole my body and timeline on August 22, 2022 and killed both my parents in their sleep, saying I have no right to em and that my body is not my body anymore, torturing the shit out of me by making me feel guilty for wanting back what is mine!

These energy vampires and thieves have attacked my spiritual protection, attacking folks who are protecting me by sticking swords, etc. in the astral plane everytime I get help.

Pallet Numbre and Hekate are the worst of them, with Pallet Numbre parading my father from the stolen timeline around, naked, and calling him, “cock meat” along with my brother Kerry at times, creating entity attachments of them designed to attack me.

This is how you attack them in the astral plane: attack their consciousness. Barbara Reina and David Reina and Hekate will often attach entity attachments from their consciousness to yours. Attack them. In the astral realm exists their consciousnesses with their whole realities: destroy them! Use 925 hz frequency to discern whether it is the correct consciousness cause these mofos like to shapeshift and conceal, alot!

Also, though Pallet Numbre likes to parade as Archangel Michael, wearing a red shirt with breast plates as Archangel Michael does, his real identity I believe is a spider as seen here:

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