Nipsey HUSTLE’s Family Are Snob Clout Chasing Assholes For Doing Original Baby Mama Tanisha Foster Like That

I hate him.

Who went through HELL to bring his – THEIR – kid into the world….

I never liked this guy…..

Nipsey Hussle Was Set Up To Become The New Age Jesus Christ By The Illuminati

You are the company you keep…..

Pure Dé Incarnated Demon Nigger Nipsey Hussle’s Former Biz Partner Insults Deformed Black Woman Than Gives Her Money For Drugs

And this guy “was” a pure fucking asshole who as shown by his friend was an asshole towards people not on his socioeconomic level as manifested by his friend degraded someone who needs help, a drug addict!

The guy is also a chomo, a pedophile.

Someone who watched my vid on him once told me that there was a news clipping of him having enslaved and beaten a young girl:

The energy of that guy strikes me as narcissistic, very self pontificating – he saw himself as a god but not in the gnostic sense like me – a snob and looked his nose down on others he felt he was “better than”, a real douchebag!

He dumped the baby mama and climbed with Lauren London – a passed around video heaux – for clout hence why he is now snobbing the woman who bore his child.

– That description lol!

Selfish basturd!

His family ain’t shit too:

She was casting a spell on you dumbass organic portals…..

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