Cookie Tookie’s Dumbass Will Never Get Help

Cookie Tookie’s Dumbass Will Never Get Help

Here her IG:

As I said here most of the idiots following her are laughing at her slowly self inflicted demise, derisively calling it, “The Final Viewing”:

To Cookie Tookie: prEying Won’t Save You Cause The Problem Is Yaldabaoth aka “God”

I tried to help:

As the old adage goes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Oh, you wanna cite “god” but how are you calling me a demon when you are a man pretending to be a female?

Is not changing your gender going against the will of god, homeboy?

Here a demon growling in one of her vids:

Here she is speaking on her addiction:

Here she is crying out for help:

Can’t lead a horse to water and make it drink if it doesn’t want it 😰💀⚰🪦

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