The Only Gangstalkers I Want

The Only Gangstalkers I Want

My friends – they always corral around me early in the morning to come to Chè Raven’s for food and drink:

They my buddies…..

They had one bald gangstalker show up but I just handle em by putting ‘woke on em instead of feeding them loosh:

Remember the scene in Cabin In The Woods where a witch pulls a soldier’s Soul out his body and torments him? That’s what I been putting on people as of late. You can watch the scene here:

I also been noticing mama’s babies – namely the Tortoiseshell Kitten who I affectionately call the Tarsier Kitten cause he looks like a Tarsier monkey – been bringing the mama little gifts of flowers and rocks lately…..

S/he did this once before it was so sweet 🐈‍⬛⚘

The black one brought mama a rock LOL!


That goes to show how intelligent, feeling, sentinent they are and not just “dumb animals” which folks tend to dismiss animals as being. If you’re frequency is high enough you can hear them speak such as when the ma brought who she thinks is my favourite – wolf cat – while having jumped and grabbed the window of my van to get in, hoping I’d let her in cause of the kitten – said “Raven.”

They know me ❤😘🐈‍⬛🐈

Goes to show how they have emotions and can love their families as we humans do ours!

I’ll be honest! I feel like a part of the family.

The mama came to me in the astral plane, told me her name, and put her paw on me:

Got A Familiar

They own me!

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