Malibu Is Really Becoming Tweaker Central

Malibu Is Really Becoming Tweaker Central

I knew RIGHT AFTER the Venice Beach cleanup THIS was gonna happen…..

I think these are the assholes who celebrated the attempted rape who were following said attempted rapist in a parade procession…..

After being ran out by the forest rangers…. NOTE thet don’t hassle the other cars, vehicles parked in no parking spots (I think it’s cause of my recent spate of no crakkka blogs….

….Saw some folks here early this morning (ole dude in the converted truck had just got there to work he wasn’t spending overnight here)…..

I get into a near fight with an ole tweaker……

Looka how NASTAY their fucking van, living space is…..

– You can BARELY see the fucking license plates it’s so dirty and old and more than likely unregistered and needs to be off the streets…..

– You know what – Imma be honest with ya – I didn’t wanna fight this bitch (Imma say this she can’t throw hands and her strenght is weak) ?? cause I just felt like absolute homeless trash fighting a tweaker bitch, a lowly subhuman, non human tweaker bitch.

As I move away from the alcohol urges with more permanence, it is like a fog is being removed off my mind, my consciousness and I am seeing things and people more clearly….

This bitch is beneath me! I view her and folks like her as pure trash. I call them trashbags cause that is what they are. This tweaker bitch has no life in her, is dead, and is a slave to a drug that has no respect for her, defiles her and sucks up her human lifeforce and energy.

Aside from being concerned about my phone falling out during a fight AND being tired as a mofo and just wanting to go to sleep – pos’s like this – I mean look at the state of their van. When I drunk, I KNEW I had a problem. Tweakers for the most part don’t acknowledge their shit. I see myself as a van life type person cause I honest like living in vehicles and always did even when I had apartments and homes.

Riff raff like this on the other hand….. I mean just look at how they are tearing up the pch and just look at how they are fucking up these beautiful multi million dollar vista views……

….I did a whole gallery chronicling this shit…..

Last night they had some tweakers parked on the other side of the road, tweaking in the morning hours to tweaker music……

I think they were the mofos in that procession celebrating the attempted rapist while trying to run me out (I heard one say something about “Did she just get out the hospital? YES TWEAKER SUBHUMAN SCUM I DID!!!! BEEN DID)!

Look, I know I live in my van but there has to be some order and decorum.

It is a VERY bad energy up there…. with all these new tweakers (I mean the old ones had class), junkies posting up largely coming from Venice Beach where they were classless violent assholes, savages and they are bringing that bull over here……

As a matter of fact the Malibu Times jumped on how these junkies were messing up the beach and tearing it up…..

Just recently they had a fucking machete attack where a homeless weirdo hacked st an innocent family – that’s fucked up!

Alot of the new weirdos coming down here got that energy about them. As a spiritualist tho. – DAMN the PCH had some negative energy – I’m trying to remove the bad shit as best as I can from up there…..

Early this morning a Cuban dude ??? came and sung a Santeria song in the place I usually park…

Oh yeah my spirits ???? put those tweakers in the raggedy ass van to “sleep” cause, even though they up, they didn’t get out their van when I knocked twice……

Imma start doing that to alot of “new faces” I see around here – putting ‘woke to clear em OUT ????‍♀️?????????

– Tweakers are NOTORIOUS for seeing shadow people so Imma throw a few more in the mix that’ll fucked they ass up and bring em to hell if necessary, as happened to one person.

That’s how Imma cleanse the area….. reptilians will increase their desire for vices till they overdose ??

Yeah, I fuck with dark shit.

That said, alot of these mofos are being ran OUT of DTLA, Santa Monica, etc.

I am SHOCKED these millionaires, billionaires aren’t doing something about it.

Though I’m not perfect – IF I do anything it is cause mofos are fucking with me and it is a necessary protection device as a woman living alone in her van given what happened here and here – I largely stay to myself and keep whatever area I am at CLEAN!

I got DROVES of me picking shit up where I park:

Smdh ??‍♀️

I’m not trying to be a pick me ??‍♀️ but I wanna show the difference between being a responsible van life dweller vs this esp. new spate of riff raff clogging the damn beach!

I come to the area I do cause I am healing and doing shadow work on myself, getting rid of bad entities in me and trying to find me basically – also the internet works best here – it is too much energetic clogging going on with THE riff raff trashbags up there (lol @ that use of the word). Human fucking trashbags.

I’m just shocked ya’ll are tolerating this shit.

They aren’t like the nice beach bums I knew when I first got here and even before the Venice Beach cleanup!

Just Soulless, lifeless, MISERABLE dead slaves to drugs is what alot of these mofos are and you can take my testimony given I am ON the streets so I know.

That said, don’t let this mofo become Venice Beach cause with all the riff raff – raggedy meth’ed out RVs and new vans coming – it is QUICKLY getting there.

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