The Selfishness Of Men Knows No Bounds: You Can Get A Dick Enhancer At 711 for  But The Morning After Pill Is

The Selfishness Of Men Knows No Bounds: You Can Get A Dick Enhancer At 711 for $11 But The Morning After Pill Is $56

I – like I said before – majority of you fucking people operate like robots cause given the shit men do…. how can you be with them mofos….. ya’ll are like robots with fucking blinders and walls made of concrete for consciousness cause…..

How the fuck can ya’ll ignore the utter and complete selfishness in males, of how they have this society set up against you and incorporate unfair moral rules they don’t hold against themselves such as slut shaming while needing YOU = (WOMBEN IS GOD) TO CREATE THEM AND CARRY THEIR LEGACIES…. It’s like mofo you hold the key ? to their existence.

How you let these fools dominate you all and play ya’ll like that!

I’m glad I don’t really get off on fucking men. That’s why I charge mofos (and I am moving away from that). All my porn is women on women sex…..

That said, a revelation just hit me….. a friend of mines told me that he could get a dick enhancement pill that can make his dick hard for $11 at the 711 yet….. I gotta go thru hoops – womben worldwide – to get a fucking morning after pill – Plan B – that merely fucking prevents a sperm from entering an egg and it’s $56 which is alot for alot of poor women…..

The dichotomy in selfishness of males to only want to use females to carry out their legacy – hence why they impose their last names on us as if we are poseessions – is maddeningly sickening.

– These be the same mofos calling you a slut for having an abortion then calling you a slut for having the lil basturd when it is not claimed by any man…..

I’m happy that I steer more towards women man. The selfishness and patriarchal bullshit is mind numbingly sickening and ya’ll gotta have your heads in the sand to put up with their bullshit I swear……

Oh lord, RIGHT BEFORE I was to complete this article – I said not a lie here – the hellspawn of Quetzalcoatl SHOWS UP to throw me off from doing important work and posting this…..

I been saying these demon seeds are sycophants for low vibratory demonic reptilian entities to stop you when you are doing important work, esp. spiritual work.

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