Mofos Gotta Stop Letting Spirits Control Their Asses Before They Get FUCKED UP

Mofos Gotta Stop Letting Spirits Control Their Asses Before They Get FUCKED UP

While doing this vid here……

I got picked up by the Lost Hills Sheriffs here…..

All because this rape victim who is – now I remember – a Vietnamese dude who drives an old (probably late 80s model) white pick up truck was throwing LEGIT ROCKS – NOT pebbles as I do – at fucking vehicles the other weekend under the cover of night, smashing windows.

I heard it and saw him and pulled his ass out from the side of the street cause that shit could not only kill someone – but I KNEW the blame would be placed on me!

That shit was a spiritual fucking set up by the entity known as Ling Ling who controls his ass, got him in the midst of drug AND alcohol addiction.

I believe it was his ass here buying drugs from the methhead wetbuck Florida RV couple here…..

He is a dark skinned Vietnamese dude – my complexion – who ALWAYS wear the same tattered ill fitting black charcoal coloured shirt and these tattered brown pants just as they wore during the Vietnam war.


SOB was about to run from MY VAN to continue doing that shit – under the cloak of darkness where no one can see him – and make ME look guilty…..

I recount here how that mofo fucked me up……

It wasn’t until I put Ling Ling in spiritual jail – hell – that the charges got dropped tho I had confessed to throwing pebbles – not rocks – during the day.

I had to celebrate – had sex with a beautiful transgender woman ?️‍⚧️ when I got out…..

….I had another one one at Vons try to pick me up to fuck me.

Crazy I have had GAY MEN try to fuck me.

I find it cool and a compliment from them….

And just now earlier I had a womyn stalk me ???️‍?

Things are looking up…..

….. Anyways I was wearing my LA County shirt everywhere, fuck it……

Oh I nearly got arrested again cause some white supremacist bitches tried to falsely claim I threw rocks at em……

….It was a pebble bitch, just playing….

That said this is why mofos gotta go within – as I WILL break down in another blogpost – and heal cause when you don’t you get these evil ass spirits that attach to hole in your aura that lead you to do dumb shit…..

I remember him saying that Ling Ling wanted him to get rid of devil war-shippers, Baphomet war-shippers….. Okay buddy……

Satan Is The Black Person’s Kundalini

– I just noticed that, after healing a significant wound in my aura, a snake like entity and this dark, ashened evil looking skeletal woman being the figures behind my cellphone not charging properly and, when I send em to hell (and inadvertently absorb their energy which holds my healing back) – my cellphone charger inexplicably now works.

This is why you gotta dispatch these mofos and not work with em…..

Just now I realise the arrest happened after I had just gotten thru removing a significant entity……

*CRAZY cause now that I am finishing the article THE CHARGER IS FINALLY ‘WOKEING – or shall I say working ??‍♀️

Yeah it was a spiritual thing….

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