Yup 13signsastrology Ra Imhotep Is In A Cult

Yup 13signsastrology Ra Imhotep Is In A Cult

The furitive writing (look at the title) that comes with gramatical errors…..

They are just zapping this brother’s power and draining him of his life force…..

– You can watch some of these old videos here. I predicted this going back some 4 years ago……

I Think Ra Imhotep aka 13signsastrology Was Either Killed Or Imprisoned By The Illuminati

To SEE ??? what these people are doing to him……

SMDH ??‍♀️

– That is a CULT compound he is on…..

That said, I saw him on a HOSPICE bed in the astral with one of those giant sacrificing heads (white woman with dark, page styled hair – just as I imagined his white woman HANDLER to look) overseeing him while all these light (white?) entities, people carring him forth, with all those entities then jumping on top of him.

It kills me to see someone I greatly admired and near war-shipped back in the day fall like this.

I hope Ra rises back up ✊??

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