Remark By Con Edison Employee Is Why I Do What I Do

Remark By Con Edison Employee Is Why I Do What I Do


….Though he was very nice unlike the other night to identify himself NOTE he says I am out in public, as if I should expect such nefarious and harmful behaviour, which underlies the dehumanizations I endure as a black woman who goes shirtless and why I have to carry on the way I do…..

Why White People Should Not Teach Black Children And Why I Throw Rocks As A Homeless Person

– Just today I had some public works employees at the 18000 block station on Topanga Canyon Blvd at around 11:30am mess with me by messing with my van, throwing a rock at it…..

That said just now a black truck tried to run over me…..

This is why as a black woman I HAVE to keep my defences up and why I keep these other races OUT ?? by any means necessary ????⬜

Oh lord they are starting. Not here!

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