Why We Need The Corona Virus Covid Vaccine

Why We Need The Corona Virus Covid Vaccine

Alright, everyday there is a new news report opening, showing why we should not take that stupid covid vax:

I mean, doctors are dying of this shit and they reporting it and showing you all the truth in plain sight…..

– When I was hanging around 18th street, walking shirtless around the 18th street gang…..

– There was a kid I knew who was unconventionally housed who told me that he was perfectly healthy till he was forcefully admitted into a hospital and forced to take that vaccine. After taking it, a week later he started profusely bleeding inexplicably from the nose and doctors could not divine what was going on.

These are just one of the many symptoms of taking the vaccine…..

And the band played on (film from my generation starring Matthew Modine, who I had a crush on as a kid)……

This is the most telling behind why you should not get it……

Basically those who got the vax can’t donate blood to those who do got the fake covid cause the vaccine kills antibodies which your body naturally produces to kill off other diseases. How about that. A lady in a post stated a coupla days before that she got an autoimmune illness and her doctor told her not to get the covid vaccine cause it will fuck her up even more…..

Now here is why we need it…..

A few days ago I came upon a guy selling the anti vax schtick to folks on the pch – he kept running into traffic cause he feared my titties as can be seen here…..

That said I said everything that needed to be said here:

The Paul Dienach Diary Predicted The Great Reset AND That It’s A GREAT Idea

According to the man’s diary, which is an account of him reincarnating into his future body in the year – around 3900 – there will be a major war over lack of resources due to overpopulation all the black and asian races will get wiped out and this will become a white world.

The illuminati believe it or not low key via the vaccine are trying to avert this. When I posted it up on Youtube it got taken down:


They know I am telling the truth.

That said I myself wanna keep the pop. down so as to avert this so….. folks with Souls, don’t get it! But it is too late for fools like this moron here:

Colton Wood Is Losing His Mind After Getting Covid Vaccine

Read these excerpts from the diary…..

– Nightmare of the number, meaning fear of blacks and asians outnumbering whites = what Dr Francis Cress Welsing said fear of white genetic annhilation…..

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