Black Bigalow aka Black Bigot Hellyweird Will Never Put You On

Black Bigalow aka Black Bigot Hellyweird Will Never Put You On

It’s the truth….

Whoever was telling him in the chat to drink given that Black (now) Bigalow is under attack by possessing reptilians, causing him drinking urges like I had….. is a pos!

I also noticed, again – Black Bigalow shapeshifting…..

– That’s some real interdimensional intrusion shit going on there, hence the pixelation!

But peep below the thumbnail for said video looking normal…..

Also, peep how young he looks here…..

But old here…..

That’s reptilian-archon intrusion cause that would happen to me after succumbing to alkie-hole induced urges caused by a possessing entity, which I am in process of fully eradicating from me today (it looks like a locust/roach composed doppleganger version of me which I inadvertently acquired when I was a satanist which I will talk about in grwater detail tomorrow).

I wanted to cry on his last live when no one donated to him (I donated $10 with the lil bit of money I got) given how talented, witty, smart and funny he is.

He hates that Unstoppable Morgan lady (who also has an alkie-hole addiction which is why Black Bigalow is seemingly “attracted” to her – really it’s reptilians guiding him into a matrix of addiction by connecting him with someone with addiction issues so he’ll be energetically compromised to stay addicted).

I will say after watching her the reason why she makes so much money is because she has a “junkie you can do whatever to me” but smart vibe and dudes with ego issues are attracted in a sick way to someone who they know is smarter than they are and feeds their ego and makes em feel superior by putting them on a pedastool by being weak, esp. to addictions and so thus easy to manipulate.

She also has a wild hair old had ancestor – maybe grandma – that looked ghoulish demonic. Since I just saw a head I think she a sacrifice for it as I broke down here:

How To Remove Evil Entities That You Were Sacrificed To Before You Hit The Other Side

That being said, look Imma be real: you have a strong personality. You are smart and most of all you can’t be molded.

The people you see on Youtube like your friend Trisha Paytas are the result of early childhood trauma based programming known as mk ultra, hence her multiple personalities….

You can learn more on mk ultra here:–jFUj1noMYQsoJKUd254BfzhU

They will NEVER give you purchase in that world cause, see – the $ellebrities already up there were molded thru trauma based programming as babies.

As John Ellizz said in his book about his battle with the All Seeing (reptilian) Eye folks who are already in the public eye were already chosen and made an agreement with the all seeing eye to low key pimp it out and get people to war-ship it clandestinely:

You can read more here (the excerpt above is on page 19):

Hence this…..

That said these people who you see paraded before the public eye are chosen at an early age to do what they do.

Many folks are big into the occult and get there by doing rituals. That is how I got into the reality tv thing early in it’s nascency (I was a satanist as a teen).

The people you see making the big bucks and getting the most attention are being used by the illuminati – who war-ship the demiurge – to push their agenda and using their fans as I have explained here as energy sacrifices to the shit they war-ship so they can continue to get money and fame……

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

….Speaking on Nicki Minaj she got a whole alter ego – as Beyonce has (named Sasha Fierce) named Roman who is named after Roman Polanski, the film director who drugged and raped a 13 year old girl then fled the United States with $ellebrities cheering him on…..

Looka all those $ellebrities defending a certified child rapist, a chomo. That’s hellyweird!

That being said there was a man by the name of The Black Child who had a channel on Youtube years ago. He said that celebrities have their partners picked for them and they are not allowed to date anyone outside the weird sick hellyweird circle cause “normal” people got light in them. Let that sink…..

Proof is in the eyes.

Also, let’s not forget Justin Beiber coming out and saying that in order for him to get up to a Jay Z level in the enter-tain-meant world he would have to rape a small African child as told to him by rich Hellyweird moguls……

That’s why he went crazy.

Also, watch this vid where Angelina Jolie admits to attending an industry “party” where bigwigs stuck ALL SORTS of objects in her as she laid on a table…..

Here the vid in case they take it down.


As I said before those reptilians are hitting you hard cause they want something from you that is more precious then gold or fame: your Soul.

They hit people with great spiritual power who they know are destined to awaken people before they can start on said journey and before they awaken.

That is why – like I – you have suffered so much in the way of spiritual attacks from them in the form of an artifically created desire to engage in self destructive patterns like drinking and self sabotage which is really possession (you can’t help it and it is not you doing it to yourself).

They target the spiritually strong as hypo-christians say the devil do (which is reptilian ?? read here:

I been down the path you been and am just getting out of it by using my own shamanic abilities to fight it.

Taking a spiritual path will be the only way to fight it, brother ✊?✊? ⚔?????

Also, look up pizzagate (and not just the lamestream narrative) as well as the doc here, Conspiracy of Silence…..

Not all that glitters is gold – or good – man!

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