Just Had ANOTHER Astral Vision of That LAPD Wilshire Cop Placing Poor Women In Cells For Sex Slavery

Just Had ANOTHER Astral Vision of That LAPD Wilshire Cop Placing Poor Women In Cells For Sex Slavery

UPDATE: DAMN! I wonder if he was following me…. yesterday (after I wrote this) I PEEPED an LAPD car in the parking lot. That’s just fucking weird….


– It ain’t them dudes…..

Something told me to choose this image of all the ones showing LAPD cops and notice it says “Topanga”, representing the area I would usually park at:

That ain’t a coincidence. That’s a sign!

I talked about him last time here….

Astral Vision Reveals LAPD Wilshire Officer Plans To Kidnap Me Rape Me and Convert Me Into A Christian

He got crazy fucking eyes and he a christian.

He keeps popping up cause this like the 8th, 9th vision I’ve had involving him….

That said in this one it seems like I strayed too far from home, L.A., and was in NYC (the astral version that looks like Earth’s but is not bound by the 3D dynamics of physics) and was posing topless on a platform to have pics of me doing that while in NYC (where it first broke women can legally do that shit at). So there was a brother with dreads shaking his head, kinda the same one I saw in the last astral vision I recounted up above. He was wearing a red and black jacket. He was with a lady can’t recall what she was.

That said when I returned to L.A. a nice lil black nurse wanted to take me to a mental home but then that cop came in and got me and said he would “take me.”

He then proceeded to take me to a cell that was behind a cell – like a secret cell you see serial killers/rapists holding their victims in for torture – and I and my brothers (can’t infer what that means – maybe they felt helpless and stuck like I would be in such a predicament, unable to help) were thrown in with a young hispanic girl who looked like she was addicted to meth (her skin was sunken in, deep scars in her cheeks, she was brown) and our reaction was, “This isn’t a jail cell” and I felt he was holding me and the other young lady for rape and it seemed to be about wanting to train us to be christians….

When I woke up, I heard a FEMALE ghostly voice say, “Watch out!”

It honest, now that I think about it, sound like the plot of black snake moan:

….but where the mofo actually rapes you and I felt like in the vision he wanted us to bare babies, too……

Seems he targeting young seemingly troubled women and it seemed like he was the cop assigned to watch me in mid wilshire!

I’ ve seen him many times. He got crazy fucking eyes that makes me feel like something not right is going on underneath the surface and he seems to be big on christianity (two red flags).

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this like the 8th time that I am seeing him plotting something. Plus the visions are too vivid to be dismissed. I was not thinking about this guy or anything to offset these visions…. he has to be plotting something….. It’s no coincidence I am seeing this. I am probably picking up on his energy and in the cards I saw he was planning something but got wounded after I spoke….

Yeah, based on the cards he was plotting something…..

Like that spirit woman said I gotta watch out…..

That said, in the second part, I saw myself at home with my mother and I pull out a bunch of pennies and quarters – a whole lotta them – and a chain and at first I got nostalgic and wanted to wear it cause I would wear stuff like that from Hot Topic as a young adult but then a thought came to me of my being captive by that dude…..

I also remember us pleading with him to be released while being allowed to watch a press conference with my parents holding it mainly wanting me to be released…..

Yeah this mofo plotting something. I know who he is.

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