Telescopes Allow Us To See Into Higher Dimensions

Telescopes Allow Us To See Into Higher Dimensions

I made a very interesting discovery one day….

I peeped a being that was not in my normal line of sight suddenly “manifesting” thru the telescope……

When you look at how the telescope looks…..

When I have astral traveled this is EXACT how it looks esp. in the 4th dimension….

I peep also that when I have the telescope focused towards me it helps develop my psychic senses, significantly!

One time it got to where I could literally see with my eyes closed cause my third eye was open…. but my throat chakra got drained and I could not speak as a result!

Telescopes are a very fascinating thing! One day we will evolve them to see into different planes….

When I have traveled to the 4D – it varies. I have seen realms that were wayyyy too oppressively energetic, like dark coloured – a mirror of our world but hazier (could be due to my Soul not being properly aligned due to Soul loss), some where it’s grey, which many folks describe when they astral travel and a realm where they look like 3D real cartoons…. it is hard to describe. Makes you think that cartoons have a basis in reality and, funny to think, a dude on reddit described going to such a plane!

I have also been to realms that look like this but defies the laws of physics and where you can manifest shit, which is how you manifest shit in the 3D!


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