Astral Vision That 6.0 Earthquake May Hit 30 Minutes Outside of Los Angeles

The name of the place was Jabro or Jacirra something or Jacquirra (I’ve heard it before). It was showing me a map with 6.0 outlined then I saw some idiot online say, “Can’t wait for the Big One to hit!”

That being said we have a fake ass fucking FLU fucking plandemic, then fucking psyop riots – then a major fucking brush fire on Supulveda. Everybody was asking what’s next and this shit maybe it – but it won’t afflict us.

That being said, I saw this shit posted on Eligio Natureboy (now the “immortal.babaji”) insta-heaux account:

We in for some shit based on these planetary alignments. Hopefully for the sake of that small town – it was supposed to have 6,000 (keep seeing that “6”), 10k – shit don’t happen.

****JUNE 13 UPDATE: I felt rumbling in the middle of the night early this morning at around 1am or 3am****

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