Cops of LAPD Wilshire Division Harass Me For Being Topless

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These dudes never bother me so I dunno what’s up! I called for a sergeant. This shit was kinda funny, honestly! P.S. that sarge that showed up is a pervert. I know my reputation precedes me so I’m quite certain ALOT of cops signed up to work that area since they know I’m there alot, ALOT of the PERVERTED ONES WHO WORK FIG I BET, LOL! The sarge tried to arrest me, WOULDN’T EVEN LET ME FILE THE COMPLAINT WHICH IS WHAT I CALLED EN FOR DUE TO A BIAS (WHICH IS A VIOLATION OF THEIR POLICY)!!!

P.S. I know that there’s an undercover black truck that works that area (like there’s anything to look for). This lil imp controlled down low FAGGOT in my next article claimed “someone saw me get out of a black truck” and it took me AWHILE to figure out what he talking about…


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