Drug Addict Poops A Squat Behind 99 Cents Store

Filmed this just today:

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This poor young man right afterwards – from what I can tell AFTER getting hasseled by some asshole – walked up to my car after I asked him if he were alright. I sensed – obviously – the poor thang was on drugs. I wanna say FOR THE RECORD how it is a shame how addiction can fucking KILL SOMEONE and blow their opportunities and that’s why IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO GET SPIRITUALLY CLEANSED when dealing with shit like this. I sense in his case it’s because of his lifestyle and that he got addicted to it in part for entertainment and there is also the escape part and then became long term addicted where he is now living on the streets, no job, etc. Now, if he didn’t have it before, he got a long term demon on his back that like with so many addicts who are deep into it will literally and spiritually KICK YOUR ASS BACK IF YOU TRY TO ESCAPE FROM IT!! He asked me if I wanted drugs after I asked him if he were alright (I can tell he was high asf). I refuse to call him a “junkie” or any derogatory term like that cause I won’t dehumanize someone in the midst of a terrible, terrible what I feel is spiritual problem, which I know was once the case with me!

That said, see what demonic possession can do when it has you selling your ass for a lil bit of some synthetic shit THAT IS LITERALLY EATING YOUR ASS ALIVE AND WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOU DIE UNLESS YOU DEAL WITH IT PROPERLY! Alot of this shit based on my own spiritual experience can be attributed to ancestral spirits around us which is why I recommend getting a reading from Afrodeity Stone The Starseed Healer here (her accurate readings helped me): https://www.afrodeitystone.com/

Thank you!!

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