Are Aliens The Cause Behind The Solar Eclipse of 2017

According to Google, yes:

Many youtubers suspected that this artifical “solar eclipse” WAS CAUSED BY ALIENS AS THIS VIDEO HERE TALKS ABOUT:

And as this videos SHOW HERE:

6 months ago, back in Feb. 2017 – interestingly – a MOTHERSHIP ufo attempted to beam light into the sun’s corona to do God knows what:

Here are vids talking about how UFO’s appeared around the time of the Solar Eclipse (watch the other videos following this that speak of alien attacks to get a gravity of the situation):

This video here directly states THEY CAUSE EM:

This one exposes (via way of a LAMESTREAM MEDIA news source trying to make the threat seem phony) aliens attempting to attack us:

Funny thing is Youtuber RichieFromBoston talked about in a video how NASA is “seeking officers to protect them from an alien attack!”:

Interestingly this family in Kentucky reported an alien attack ON THE SAME DAY OF THE 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE:

Interestingly as well a family named “The Fugates” live in Kentucky, a family with BLUE SKIN NO DIFFERENT THAN THE ALIEN INDIAN “GODS” IN HINDUISM:


Now here is Indian Goddess Vishnu:

Here’s the alien race they descend from (the race of the Indian Gods): The Andromedans

They say that since forever that the moon is not natural but an alien made object designed to monitor Earth and what we do, kinda like the “Black Knight” object which is a strange object first observed in and is postualed to be surrounding us to monitor us, too:

That said, it wasn’t too long ago that a solar eclipse befell L.A. in 2012 and solar eclipse in an area are supposed to be once in a lifetime events so why so soon another eclipse befalls L.A.? When me and others saw it yesterday here in L.A. we didn’t see shit! Could it be with all this talk of alien wars that the aliens are fucking with our sun as was done to Saturn according to Norman Bergrun in “Ringmakers of Saturn”? Who knows…

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