Lookout for Possible Woman Beater Black Male In Miracle Mile Area In Los Angeles

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Here is his license plate: CA license plate No. #6Y64656 (I think as the video itself is very low quality so I can’t make it out per say but I think that is it).

Nagger In Car License Plate No 2That said, I noticed he stopped in front of where I live while I was outside, looking dead in my direction and said something, then he took off in spurts and then when I ran to catch up to him to see what he said, HE STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AS IF TO WAIT FOR ME, then would drive off due to incoming traffic.

That said, here is the video:

::2020 update – I wonder od dis the same ole dreadheaded nagger living on the pch who has been avoiding me like the plague ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

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Notice how he said he was “Talking to her (I don’t see anyone in there) and then threatened me after I HUMBLED MYSELF! This mofo, again, his license plate is: CA license plate No. #6Y64656

He might be the type to put his hands on women. Where I come from in Louisiana where we got REAL MEN (not these punk, pseudo facade feg boys who pose as real men but can’t even fix a tire unlike I)….


That said, we know how to deal with em where I come from….



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