Homeless Actor Once Successful Threatens Me

Homeless Actor Once Successful Threatens Me

I was gonna turn this into a “Why you cant help NIGGERS out” segment but I don’t think I am going to:

Basically, what happened was, as I explain here:

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I saw the guy one the street, gave him a dollar – the best I can do as I am not doing so well myself, and he started asking me in an indignant tone: “Do you know who I am?” And something about some 9th ether or something hair or some afrocentric shit!

Anyways, I feel sorry for the guy. I have been there. I feel bad because I feel like I came across as a “do gooder” doing it to make MYSELF feel better and not someone else (though I know I am not doing it for that reason!). I am not surprised that he went off – a dollar doesn’t do shit, not even buy you a happy meal. I would never expect anyone to tap dance over $1 or even $20 or even a BILLION (well, I would 🙂 but I see where he could be coming from: This notion that, at some point, you had all the accruements of success and then all of a sudden you lost it and fell rock bottom. I would be pissed, too, if I knew my former life was roses and candy and all of a sudden I am being subjected to a life of revolving in and out of jail, etc.


NOW, NOT ALL HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE ON DRUGS AND MAYBE MAYBE NOT HE IS ONE DRUGS, BUT I WILL SAY THIS: I have dreadfully come close to this myself. I know somewhat of what it is like cause I lived with all of my possessions in my car for 2 months while couch surfing with two guys who barely knew me and could take me which is why I have to thank my lucky stars and say:



Times get rough and men can’t fall back on that but we can and it is easier, even easier with more consistent AND more respectful clientele then what transgender sex workers and gay male escorts (otherwise known as “rent boys”) can get. I thank the goddess every single day (if one exists or not) that I can do this and fall back cause if I had to be in the despairing state that young man is, seeing what I formerly had (he probably resided around here) I dunno what I would do with myself. I would try my best to survive but we never know WHAT WE ARE GONNA DO which is why I don’t wanna hear people knock sex work aka prostitution, porn the full gamut and spectrum of the industry!

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